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  1. Rush

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Recently got back from a week roadtrip round some of the south-eastern states which took me to Six Flags Over Georgia, Fun Spot, Dollywood and Carowinds. It's been a while since I've ridden some US coasters so there's been quite a change to my Top 25 (which also roughly equates to my top 10%)...
  2. Rush

    Most immersive rollercoaster experience outside of Disney and Universal?

    I would put Efteling up there with Disney/Universal in terms of the focus on immersion with their attractions. De Vliegende Hollander I think is the most immersive coaster I've experienced. The queue is phenomenally detailed, the station is stunning and the dark ride section wonderfully gives...
  3. Rush

    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    1. Alpengeist (2009) 2. Montu (2011) 3. Nemesis (2018) 4. Batman the Ride (SF Great America) (2019) 5. Black Mamba (2022) 6. Nemesis Inferno (2018) 7. Dueling Dragons: Fire (2011) 8. Dueling Dragons: Ice (2011) 9. Silver Bullet (2006) I've put the year last ridden against each one as it's been...
  4. Rush

    Walibi Holland | RMC Raptor | 2025

    There's really no pleasing some people! In all seriousness, I think Walibi's brand is high thrills and a Raptor provides that and that unique factor which they'll be able to market perfectly. Dark rides are cool but Efteling is literally down the road. Either way I can't wait to see what the...
  5. Rush

    Last Cred Review

    Untamed (Walibi Holland); suggested synonyms: wild, exhilarating, demonic, masterpiece. It's been ten days and the bruises on my thighs are finally changing complexion from plum purple to an equally appealing radioactive yellow. Maybe it's not supposed to be marathoned but when you have a world...
  6. Rush

    Matt N’s Europa Park Initiation 26th-30th April 2022

    I spend most my time lurking these days but just wanted to post how enjoyable it was to follow your time at the park Matt! Your positivity and the level of detail you've written and shared with us captures the excitement and joy at being at a park for the very first time. If someone were to ask...
  7. Rush

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Here's a list of ten coasters which I really like, in an order where I thought about it for a couple of seconds and decided 'that'll do'. There's a huge recency bias in my list. The first five I've ridden in the last 2 years or so but the rest of the coasters on here I haven't been on for 10+...
  8. Rush

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    We've been blind the whole time - it's clear that Hotel Charles Lindbergh is actually just a prison to detain anyone who dares take any behind-the-scenes construction/off-season footage.
  9. Rush

    Coasters that exceeded expectations.

    The bobsled at Parc Asterix immediately springs to my mind - I'd completely forgotten it existed when I went but it really packed a punch! Also Baco - which I expected to murder me based on accounts prior to my visit. It was a little rattly. I actually really liked it.
  10. Rush

    Phantasialand in Winter/General Questions

    Thanks all for your answers! Not sure why I was thinking there was a bus straight from Cologne, Bruhl makes more sense so I probably read that wrong originally. Either way it looks to me the hotel is well worth the investment particularly seeing as the park is open late and it'll save me the...
  11. Rush

    Rides that still genuinely scare you...

    I used to be terrified of tower rides to the point where I would refuse to ride them, now it's more of a sense of slight uneasyness waiting for the drop. Launches are fine for me in general but I know I'm going to **** myself when I eventually get around to riding Dodonpa. That launch...
  12. Rush

    Phantasialand in Winter/General Questions

    It's likely I'll be in Dusseldorf with work for the week of the 21st November. I noticed Phantasialand do a Christmas event which seems to begin right around that time and entertained the possibility of popping down as I've never visited the park before. Have had a little nose around and noticed...
  13. Rush

    What's happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

    I had a look at the article again and noted that it was originally published on 14 March, which was shortly before some of the details such as the automatic pings and the alternative flight arcs were officially announced. This will explain why a lot of it doesn't appear to make sense with what's...
  14. Rush

    What's happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

    A major flaw with this theory: The plane reportedly flew for an additional 6-7 hours after making last contact. A fire which is able to knock out the communicative systems may cause the crew to succumb to smoke, but surely a fire that intense would have crippled the jet much sooner? From past...
  15. Rush

    Game of Thrones

    Concerning the show, I have to say the reaction towards the you-know-what was even more hilarious and entertaining than I anticipated. I've felt a bit letdown by the show in the past (particularly Season 2, with the exception of the "Blackwater" episode) but the show really bounced back in the...
  16. Rush

    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Thorpe Park Mania have just posted footage of the in-line twist. From the looks of things it's literally going to fly OVER the station as opposed to be besides it. Epic.
  17. Rush

    Dragon Khan VS Kraken

    Khan is very, very overrated. The first half's pretty weak and I found that even its most raved element (the zero-g) is only really any good on one side of the train. The second half is actually a lot better thankfully but overall the entire coaster isn't really as good as everyone makes it out...
  18. Rush

    Port Aventura |"Shambhala"| B&M Hyper

    Re: [Rumour] 2012 B&M for Port Aventura When I was there a couple of weeks ago they shut down Khan in the morning and opened it up in the middle of the day. Presumably it was for this coaster construction as when it was opened again there were lots of new vehicles piling dirt around which...
  19. Rush

    Notable Deaths 2011

    Seeing as nobody has reported them in the topic: Vitaly Anikeyenko Mikhail Balandin Gennady Churilov Pavol Demitra Robert Dietrich Alexander Galimov Marat Kalimulin Alexander Kalyanin Andrei Kiryukhin Nikita Klyukin Stefan Liv Jan Marek Sergei Ostapchuk Karel Rachůnek Ruslan Salei Maxim...
  20. Rush

    Top 10: 2011 edition

    I've made a couple of small changes to the Top 20 this past week, and it looks like it'll be the final list for 2011 anyway. 1. Alpengeist 2. Oblivion 3. Kumba 4. Montu 5. Furius Baco 6. Manta 7. California Screamin' 8. SheiKra 9. Griffon 10. Apollo's Chariot 11. Wild Mouse (Blackpool) 12...