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    Adventure Island | Adventure Inside | Indoor Fun Park

    Adventure Inside is our Brand New Indoor Fun Park, located on the old Blackbeard's Pirate Adventure site, it will feature one of the regions biggest soft play centres, and a selection fun family rides! So if on your next visit the weather takes a turn for the worse, do not worry, we've got it...
  2. Adv_Island

    New rides @ small parks

    Hi Martyn, That is indeed correct, we'll be installing a swinging pirate ship called "Smiles Per Galleon". It is going to be shipped to us from Italy very soon, along with a selection of other rides that will be going into Adventure Inside.
  3. Adv_Island

    Suggest names for Adventure Island's new drop tower

    Those are some really great suggestions! Be sure to tweet them to us along with #AdventureInside Regarding our staff, they are our "Stars" and we're glad their hard work and enthusiasm has been noted. I'll pass on those comments to our department managers to relay to them. :)