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  1. Jim in Canada

    Coaster Tournament '19 Matches 121-124

    8: Zadra, Energylandia 4: Lightning Rod, Dollywood 7: Wildfire, Kolmården 11: Voyage, Holiday World
  2. Jim in Canada

    ElloCoaster Wooden Coaster Poll: Results now in

    Yes, we considered that and will probably filter those out next year. Leaving them in this year was more or less to see what people think of them, since every park on earth is apparently planning to install one of these if they haven't already.
  3. Jim in Canada

    ElloCoaster Wooden Coaster Poll: Results now in

    I was really anxious about the possibility that the steel poll wouldn't receive enough ballots to make the rankings significant. I mean, it's pretty daunting to download that ballot and see 2505 coasters (and that's after omitting the wacky worms, powered coasters, butterflies, kiddie coasters...
  4. Jim in Canada

    ElloCoaster Wooden Coaster Poll: Results now in

    Here's how a few voters with really long lists handled that problem: [1] rank your top 10 (or 20 or however many you think really matter) [2] divide the rest of your list into categories like "good", "not too bad", "forgettable", "awful" (or whatever you like) [3] give each group the same...
  5. Jim in Canada

    ElloCoaster Wooden Coaster Poll: Results now in

    For those with long lists (or a lot of mediocre coasters) who don't want to struggle over individual rankings, I got a ballot the other day from someone with a very long list of credits who did this: Individually ranked his top five or so, then grouped the rest of his list into the following...
  6. Jim in Canada

    New wooden coaster poll

    There's a Facebook page and a (lesser-used) Twitter - plus awesome sites such as this one that discuss it and spread the word. I'm very cognizant about NOT spamming people, so I don't send out emails to anyone who hasn't specifically asked to be included on the mailing list - and even those...
  7. Jim in Canada

    Top 10 Africa/Asia/Australia

    Found some pics of ToT in the original format. This was just a few days after it opened. I was going to upload them here, but it's easier to just see the RCDB listing. My pics are #16-#23 there.
  8. Jim in Canada

    Top 10 Africa/Asia/Australia

    Firstly, Anaconda at Gold Reef City is everything people have said. It's easily my fave inverted. Can you imagine how the KI fanboys would've peed themselves if they'd built something this amazing instead of that "loops and not much else" Banshee? Then ToT...
  9. Jim in Canada

    What to do with parks that can't grow anymore?

    Parks like Blackpool can survive for ages without a new signature attraction because they've been around long enough to become a tradition. Blackpool (the city) is already a tourist destination like Vegas or New Orleans and BPB is just one of those things that you're expected to do when you...
  10. Jim in Canada

    Biggest Coasters with the Lowest Throughput

    Quimera at La Feria in Mexico City. One train ops. Insanely convoluted restraint system that you can't figure out how to fasten. Ride ops usually have to come by and re-adjust all of it for every rider on every train. Normally, any Schwarzkopf coaster designed to run FIVE trains that only runs...
  11. Jim in Canada

    What was the hardest credit you finally got?

    I'll second the "did a Griswald" becoming a thing. That would rank right up there with "anticipointment" when the hype for a ride was huge, but the ride didn't live up to it.
  12. Jim in Canada

    What was the hardest credit you finally got?

    I thought that my four trips to Americana to ride Screechin' Eagle would be my best "finally" story, but after more than 30 years and three different countries, I managed to get the Schwarzkopf Wiener Looping.
  13. Jim in Canada

    Which park for you has the highest average for all its coasters?

    Holiday World. Voyage is awesome, Legend kicks all kinds of butt lately and Raven is a consistent thriller. The Holidog coaster is even pretty decent for a kiddie coaster.
  14. Jim in Canada

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I only went once and it was this summer late in the season, and I expected to HATE everything about it from reports that I'd heard, but I had a great time and two coasters (Hades360 and Zeus) entered my top 20. Banshee is by far my least-fave inverted coaster. I could easily just skip it...
  15. Jim in Canada

    New wooden coaster poll

    Looking at your profile avatar and signature pic, I'm guessing you were pretty stoked with the results. Lightning Rod almost came in #1. It's also my personal #1, but I haven't been on Wildfire yet, so we'll see how it goes after the Scandi trip this year.
  16. Jim in Canada

    If Nemesis never existed what would be the UK's #1 coaster?

    The Ultimate. I know I'm likely in the minority there, but I freaking LOVE that ride.
  17. Jim in Canada

    Mourning a loss

    Two of my top ten wood were lost in 2005: Texas Cyclone and Mega Zeph
  18. Jim in Canada

    New wooden coaster poll

    I hear ya. Only 6 of my all-time top ten woodies ran in 2017.
  19. Jim in Canada

    New wooden coaster poll

    Greetings, all. I'm the guy who got the poll up and running. Firstly, THANK YOU to everyone who voted and helped make the inaugural year a success. The feedback on the results has been mostly positive (El Toro's ranking has some fanboys crying foul, as expected) and some of the parks have even...