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  1. tribar

    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    You'll get one in 2038.
  2. tribar

    Cringe Worthy Non Coaster Enthusiast Comments you have heard

    Not sure if it were this site or another one but someone suggested that any woodie 20 years or older be demolished or RMCed. I was mortified.
  3. tribar

    Should parks #RMCitorWreckit?

    I'll take the keys to the Model T.
  4. tribar

    Should parks #RMCitorWreckit?

    One has to wonder what sort of brain defect/drug would make someone believe that's a good idea. Should we get rid of everything (including people) that predates 1972?
  5. tribar

    Coasters that have been modified

    Drachen Fire and Demon
  6. tribar

    Accident on Splash Canyon

    I think the solution is to punish those who feel that the rules don't apply to them. Make it clear that the ride may kill you if you don't follow the park's rules. If park-goers still don't think the rules apply to them then they should be ejected and banned from the park and face criminal...
  7. tribar

    Coasters that have become noticeably rougher in the past few years.

    New flash: roller coasters get old. Older=rougher.
  8. tribar

    Great Coaster Names That Haven't Been Used Yet.

    Roller Coaster 1 Roller Coaster 2 Roller Coaster 3 Roller Coaster 4 Roller Coaster 5 Roller Coaster 6 Roller Coaster 7 Roller Coaster 8 Roller Coaster 9 Roller Coaster 10 Chinese Knockoff Batman: Ultimate Flight HAL 9000: I'm afraid I can't do that Dave. Donald J Trump's Trump-Approved Make...
  9. tribar

    Six Flags to VR *ALL* Roller Coasters in 2017!?

    Lame. At least make it more believable next time. 2/10.
  10. tribar

    Rides with misleading names...

    Come to think of it, any coaster with flight, fly or flying have misleading names as roller coasters don't fly.
  11. tribar

    Rides with misleading names...

    XLR-8. Great name for a launch coaster. An Arrow suspended coaster? Not so much.
  12. tribar

    Six Flags new-for-2017 attractions announced

    A big L for Six Flags this year.
  13. tribar

    Milestones in Your Counts

    Not if you knew how to ride her.
  14. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Finals (Skyrush Wins!)

    Re: Coaster Tournament Finals 9: Skyrush
  15. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Semi-Finals

    This I'll vote for Skyrush (9) and Outlaw Run (11)
  16. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Quarter-Finals

    9 5 15 11
  17. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Matches 113-120

    1 9 13 5 2 10 3 11
  18. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Matches 105-112

    2 15 7 10 3 19 6 11
  19. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Matches 97-104

    1 17 8 9 4 13 5 12
  20. tribar

    Coaster Tournament Matches 89-96

    3 35 14 19 6 27 11 22