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  1. Flash Shift

    Best ride soundtrack

    Helix at Liseberg's is just an epic. It really is. I'm also really fond of the original 2000s AIR soundtrack, last time I went to Alton Towers it was playing in the Forbidden Valley, was nice to hear.
  2. Flash Shift

    Opinions on The Smiler from alton towers?

    I like it. It's interesting how it's meant to symbolise two halves of this weird process to convert you, and how it's a UK coaster that isn't extremely short. However, a lot of the elements blend together. The best part is the two Dive Loops in a row, and the worst is the entire end section from...
  3. Flash Shift

    Most underrated uk coaster

    I agree with Shockwave, but I am biased since it was my first full scale major coaster (after the medium Klondike and Great Yarmouth's coaster). That Zero-G roll is a high I've been chasing years later, it's even better than the one on Nemesis in my opinion. It's such a shame to lose the unique...
  4. Flash Shift

    Do you prefer narrow or wide B&M Dive Coasters?

    This is pretty much my opinions on Oblivion vs Valkyria. Yeah it's nice that Valkyria has inversions, but the drop is worse and the inversions also take focus away from that. Oblivion has that fear factor missing in the latter coaster. For Liseberg, if you want inversions, Helix is right there...
  5. Flash Shift

    Playing Through the Pain: A Six Flags Fiesta Texas Trip Report

    Congrats on the solo trip! This was relateable all the way down, right to the part about how it's nice to take a break and take it all in. As I get older I realised I missed most of my 20s and should have done more park trips, as in my 30s it's now becoming harder to do.
  6. Flash Shift

    What is your mentality towards riding non-kiddie “+1” type coasters?

    Generally around a C or D. I'll go on medium coasters but won't go miles for them. I've definitely skipped things because I felt like it wasn't worth paying a fiver for a coaster that goes around a small oval or some nonsense like that. Yeah I could have got a +1, but it wouldn't be an important...
  7. Flash Shift

    Your favourite coaster track

    B&M has always had great track, but I've become fond of Mack's lately. Both Icon and Helix look great.
  8. Flash Shift

    Do you prefer a Chinese or Indian takeaway?

    Indian, but prawn crackers are better than poppadoms.
  9. Flash Shift

    Best Upcoming Coaster for 2024?

    Definitely Hyperia. Voltron looks amazing as well but Hyperia is more achievable for me, so it's more of a "best for me" thing. Both Icon and Helix impressed me so I'm keen to see what Mack can do. Looks like it's already going to be a good year for them with 2 great looking coasters.
  10. Flash Shift

    Your most memorable journeys to and/or from parks

    I have lots of cursed experiences in my life. Often it's when returning as well. But yeah the drive to Alton Towers is always insane, I can't imagine doing this on public transport. One time my mates decided to pick me up and then someone else but they were an hour late and I was fuming. We...
  11. Flash Shift

    What is your attitude to revisiting parks you've been to before?

    Mostly revisit if there's something new, or I haven't been in ages. I did do a lot of revisits as a teenager though, so while I got a lot of coaster riding in, my credit count is very low compared to most people. Doesn't help that the weather spited both most of Oakwood and all of Flamingoland...
  12. Flash Shift

    Your worst spite

    Just had another really bad spite. I was in Yorkshire this weekend, so I was hoping to do Flamingoland. However, Friday was the day I had booked for. Storms and winds closed basically the entire park, so I lost an entire park!
  13. Flash Shift

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Guess they don't have to be too weird when the stats are the selling point - you don't need a gimmick here. The layout is pretty weird for a hyper though. Few straight hills, a couple of inversions (maybe it's two, can't tell?), and a very short length. Plus that dive loop stall is pretty rare...
  14. Flash Shift

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    Luna at Liseberg is the only one I can remember since that was a few weeks ago. I probably did Alton's Spinball Whizzer, Rita, and G-Force at Drayton on their opening years however. Maybe Smiler but I'm not sure if that was a year after opening. There's quite a few I did a year after opening...
  15. Flash Shift

    Which 2024 UK coaster project are you most looking forward to?

    Drayton's is intruiging and the Nemesis retrack is also good. I didn't even know about Legoland's shuttles so I guess I'm not that bothered about that! But obviously, it's Hyperia. Helix and Icon have really made me appreciate Mack, and I've wanted a good hyper in this country for a while. I...
  16. Flash Shift

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I like the name and the overall vibe. The music is excellent and the layout seems like it'll be great, if a bit short. I wish more coasters went for this type of vibe rather than the edgy or horror vibes a lot of rides go for. Of all things, Helix at Liseberg has a similar "epic" feel without...
  17. Flash Shift

    Most Abundant Coaster Type or Model You've NEVER Been On?

    Any hyper apart from the ****ing Big One, more like Big Piece of ****. Hopefully Thorpe's is better. Also the standard Vekoma Boomerang - the only one here is really out the way and not exactly at a big park. I've also never been on an RMC because there's none in England somehow. But yet I've...
  18. Flash Shift

    Your B&M Count

    Got 7 so far: Nemesis Air/Galactica Oblivion Nemesis Inferno Swarm Daemonen Valkyria Kind of need to get Mandrill Mayhem to once again complete the English B&M collection.
  19. Flash Shift

    Overshadowed attractions

    Lisebergbanan is built on a massive hillside and is a pretty fun ride with big swooping high-g drops and a few airtime moments. It's figuratively and literally overshadowed by Helix. Probably not the best example compared to some in this thread, but it definitely fits visually!
  20. Flash Shift

    What makes a coaster good?

    For me it depends on what the coaster is going for. You wouldn't slate something like the Big One for not having inversions because it's not an inversion focused coaster, you would slate it for not using its height and speed well. Similarly, Nemesis doesn't really have much airtime but that's...