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  1. adrenaline1996

    SEVEN (Saudi Entertainment Ventures)

    Hello, Sorry if there's another thread on this, but after the speculation mentioned on the IAAPA 2023 thread, I have become intrigued by the various SEVEN projects planned for Saudi Arabia. Does anyone have further information on this? For instance, will the complex at Al-Hamra have a water...
  2. adrenaline1996

    IAAPA Expo 2023

    Sorry for seeming dim, but who are 'SEVEN'?
  3. adrenaline1996

    Energylandia | Unknown | Vekoma Tilt Coaster | 2024

    Does anyone know when construction will start?
  4. adrenaline1996

    Emerald Park News/Discussion

    Random question, regarding the Sky Glider ziplines, have they been closed down? Also, does anyone know the manufacturer?
  5. adrenaline1996

    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    Has there been any recent rumours of this ride type coming to fruition?
  6. adrenaline1996

    IAAPA 2022

    I'd love to go to IAAPA one year
  7. adrenaline1996

    Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023

    Opinion time, do you think the drops were more thrilling on the Schwarzkopf than they will be on the GCI?
  8. adrenaline1996

    The Future of Kentucky Kingdom

    I am slightly concerned with how Herschend is changing KK. I know the changes are minor at the moment, but they seem to be changing the tone of the park. For instance, between 2014 and 2019, they had high investment of thrill rides, and also the Halloscream event (which looked awesome). However...
  9. adrenaline1996

    Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023

    I know it is highly unlikely, but a spiral lift would be awesome tbf.
  10. adrenaline1996

    Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023

    The issue is that this is been hyped up too much and then the actual announcement won't live up to the hype 😂
  11. adrenaline1996

    Warner Bros Movie World new and relocated coasters

    Tanzanian Devil vibes too haha
  12. adrenaline1996

    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Is there any information available about the indoor water park?
  13. adrenaline1996

    RMC Raptor

    The prototypes look more fun though 😂
  14. adrenaline1996

    Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022

    Hopefully with lapbars, hopefully larger folk (like me) should be able to ride, unlike Colossus lol 😆
  15. adrenaline1996

    RMC Raptor

    Another question: is there much difference, experience-wise about the prototypes and stunt pilot?
  16. adrenaline1996

    RMC Raptor

    Hello all, Hope you're ok. Just a quick question, in regards to the RMC Raptor, on the RMC website, there are 2 layouts: Pic source My question is, which layout corresponds to the protypes (WWGL / Railblazer) and / or Stunt Pilot? Thank you! Riley
  17. adrenaline1996

    Fraispertuis City | Projet Storky | Custom RMC Raptor | 2024?

    Also, the layout pic looks like it shows a vertical loop, I'd love to see that on an RMC Raptor 😂