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    iPhone 4?!

    iPhone sucks, android win. Discussion over
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    "Now Showing"

    Wow you guys watch some mainstream films. Oh and inception is totally overhyped.
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    "Now Showing"

    Paranormal activity was awesome. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either an idiot or a pretentious idiot.
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    H1 to the N1

    I cba to read what everyone else said (sorry guys :p) but something a lot of you seem to be missing (including Taylor, mrs "don't patronise me, everyone understands what a vaccine does") is that a vaccine isn't just for you. It's not your choice. You're not the only person the vaccine affects...
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    How Do You Park?

    edit: sent twice, my bad
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    How Do You Park?

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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    ATP's nightmare before christmas the weekend after next. I win.
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    Chinese learn a new way to eat fish...

    I don't care about the rest of the thread, but that video was the funniest thing I've ever seen.
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    H1 to the N1

    I'm sorry, but I've never read two pages more filled with pseudoscience presented with total confidence. None of you have any idea what you're talking about. I'm not even going to justify my opinion, try reading one journal entry or even one article on a bloody news website about the...
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    Chinese learn a new way to eat fish...

    Every society has its indulgences...
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    Hedonism - to pleasure or not to pleasure

    Excuse me if this has been discussed recently, it probably has, but as I haven't been around for a while I really have no idea. Fairly simple, do you subscribe to a hedonistic philosophy? Or more simply, do you live for pleasure/believe the only good in life is pleasure? Personally I...
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    Is there a god?

    Why does evidence necessarily have to be testable? Obviously I'm all for the model of theories with testable predictions which can then be verified by experiment, but the only area it really applies to is science, and I feel that this argument is pretty much entirely philosophical. As such, any...
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    Obama at it again..

    Lmao, if you think 3 hours of homework a night is a hard effort, clearly you do need more homework.
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    The Games we play...

    The secret to being good at online games is pointing the cursor at the enemy Ollie. Trust me, I used to be in a ED CSS clan.
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    Is there a god?

    How can anyone who claims their arguments are rooted in logic and reason be anything other than agnostic? This is mainly directed to those so firmly dedicated to their atheism. There's clearly no concrete arguments either way, and if you think there are, you need to think more deeply about...
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    Marrakech & Casablanca, Morocco

    That looks absolutely amazing haha, all the places everyone normally goes suck - always wanted to go somewhere like Morocco and now you've shown me that it's every bit as great as I expected ;-)
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    The Political Topic

    Give me 4 months =p
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    The Political Topic

    Nice bit of fascistic style discriminatinatory violence there eh clam? We all know how opposed you are to that :-). As I think people have worked out by now, I support the BNP. Let's face it, the main parties are all ridiculously beige, have little or no policy, and have nothing better to do...
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    21st Century Breakdown?

    Just for Ian :wink: . As time progresses, older generations often find themselves cursing the younger generations and their new fads; from their point of view, crime rates are perpetually increasing, sexuality is becoming more perverse and promiscious, and debauchery as a whole is on the...
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    What do you drive?

    It's pretty ****ing annoying sometimes yeah