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  1. DelPiero

    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    Website still states summer season opening - "When the new coaster opens in the 2024 summer season" However, they classify "Summer Season" as Spring onwards "Summer Season 23.03.2024 – 27.09.2024 Europa-Park is open daily...
  2. DelPiero

    Your 2023 in Review

    Coaster count at start of 2023: 570 Coaster count at end of 2023: 656 Coaster count increase: 86 (tied with my 3rd most creddy year) Park count at start of 2023: 128 Park count at end of 2023: 149 Park count increase: 21 Number of park visits (per day): 22 Personal highlights and lowlights of...
  3. DelPiero

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I genuinely hated the FLY thread once the wall discussion took over. I just ignored it after that, not only because the discussion was a total waste of time, but wanted to be spoiler free.
  4. DelPiero

    Hansa Park vs Heide Park

    I think you'll be happy with whichever one you plump for, they both tick the boxes for good rides and atmosphere, but personally I found Hansa to be the much better of the two parks.
  5. DelPiero

    Traveller's topic: Country's favorite

    Wow, 4 years since I did this one. Updates/changes in Bold. Abu Dhabi - Flying Aces - Ferrari World Austria - Insider - Wiener Prater Belgium - Anubis -- Plopsaland Denmark - Piraten - Djurs Sommerland Dubai - Madagascar Mad Pursuit - Motiongate Finland - Taiga - Linnanmaki France - Rock...
  6. DelPiero

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Lack of airtime moments isn't an issue if those moments are excellent. Skyrush only has 6(?) moments but each one is exceptional. We won't know until it's ridden. Not getting on the hype train just yet. Like others, I still think we've been shafted for length, the apparent trims in the...
  7. DelPiero

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    Worth another update for sure. 1 - X2 2 - Wildcat's Revenge 3 - Aireforce One 4 - Kondaa 5 - I305 6 - Jersey Devil Coaster (any single rail tbh) 7 - Untamed 8 - Ride to Happiness 9 - Iron Gwazi 10 - Velocicoaster
  8. DelPiero

    So Which Modification is Better (Or Worse?): Lightning Rod or TT2

    There is no chance TT2 will be better than the original, those hydraulic launches are significantly better than any other launch system, even if they are unreliable. Some may prefer the S&S air launches but I'm yet to experience one that trumps the hydraulic. These things are one trick ponies...
  9. DelPiero

    Question About Coaster Careers

    I heard on the radio recently that there's a lack of engineers in the industry currently, you would likely be able to get some good advice from local parks on the best routes to that career path, obviously sling all the manufacturers an email as well.
  10. DelPiero

    Are family-owned parks always superior to corporate parks?

    Not always, Rob's example is where it's a detriment, but generally I find I prefer the family owned parks as they seem to care about guest satisfaction more, just for example; Paultons is, imo, the best theme park in the UK, it's lacking that one big headline coaster but as park operations and...
  11. DelPiero

    How many times have you been upside down on a coaster?

    Too many to count, and I cba to do Howie's approach. There are some people like @Hixee who may have the exact number tho, proper goon right there. Again, Wildfire's stall is the best inversion I've encountered.
  12. DelPiero

    TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023

    I think it's carrying too much speed plus that shaking looks awful. If the ride is unbearable from a comfort perspective then good on them for deciding to fix the root cause. And no, that doesn't mean rebuilding it from a better manufacturer ;)
  13. DelPiero

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Very surprising to see Batman up there, I do hope it's better than it looks, this gives me hope. Glad it hit the spot for you.
  14. DelPiero

    An Intamin & The Best and Worst of Soquet – France – May 2023 {Day 3 - The Way Home & Summary}

    @Hixee is doing a grand job on the main TR so I'll just add minor things. Found St Paul to be a decent regional park, a couple of relatively substantial creds plus wood express, which is infinitely re-rideable. They really are the perfect family/teen coaster. The log flume there is really well...
  15. DelPiero

    An Intamin & The Best and Worst of Soquet – France – May 2023 {Day 3 - The Way Home & Summary}

    King was ****ing horrendous. I can manage a bad few corners but the **** that came after the mcbr is up there with being tied down by a midget and whipped with a anchor chain. **** that, never again. Hopefully that sums up my thoughts on the matter.
  16. DelPiero

    Your Number 0 Coaster.

    First thought was Nemesis as well, and while it does hold a hugely special place in my heart, 0 belongs to another. Skyrush It was the first world class coaster I'd ridden abroad, my 48th cred, and all I could think about for the rest of that trip was the one ride I had on the yellow beast...
  17. DelPiero

    The Nemesis retrack; is it a new credit or not?

    We had the discussion this weekend gone. Personally no. There are three reasons why I would could a full retrack; All of the track being replaced in one go. Not the case here as lift, station and brakes are not being replaced. Significant change to layout/ride experience. It's the same ride...
  18. DelPiero

    CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    Not sure what everyone was expecting, it looks pants. Wrong decision for the park, but they've dressed it up well. Will be a capacity and complaint nightmare. +1 on a midweek jaunt for me.
  19. DelPiero

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    1 - Steel Vengeance 2 - Zadra 3 - Lightning Rod (V1) 4 - Skyrush 5 - Taron 6 - El Toro 7 - Storm Chaser (KK) 8 - Helix 9 - Outlaw Run 10 - Fury 325 11 - Renegade 12 - The Voyage 13 - Flying Aces 14 - Wildfire (Kolmarden) 15 - Phoenix 16 - Toutatis 17 - Maverick 18 - Formula Rossa 19 -...
  20. DelPiero

    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    Oh it's very different if you're already at said fair ;)