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  1. Edward M

    Milestones in Your Counts

    400- Goliath, SFGAm Finally at 400! Insane it took four years for me to get past the 300s, but I suppose a worldwide pandemic can do that. Expect some BIG changes to my top 10 in the next few days. Next stop 500!
  2. Edward M

    Rides that don't feel safe

    I remember back in 2017 I ventured to this incredibly janky park in Panama City called Cobra Adventure Park for a +1. After a cred rejection, I bought a ticket for their slingshot since A. I'd never done one, B. didn't want to waste a trip and C. it was surprisingly cheap. One cursory glance at...
  3. Edward M

    Biggest misnomers in the theme park industry

    I've always loved Goliath at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, currently 7th tallest coaster in the park.
  4. Edward M

    Your year in review - 2022 edition

    - Coaster count at start of 2022: 339 - Coaster count at end of 2022: 376 - New coasters ridden in 2022: 37 - New parks visited in 2022: 3 - Park visits (number of days) in 2022: 20 - Best new-to-you coaster: Phantom's Revenge. There's so much to gush about here, but I'll simply note that it's...
  5. Edward M

    Oh hai Matt

    Oh hai Matt
  6. Edward M

    Your B&M Count

    What about what I say Eddie? Up to 53 now. Celebrated the lovely Alpengeist as my 50th B&M. In a very rough order of preference. Fury 325 Kumba Shambhala Mako Goliath, OG Montu Alpengeist Apollo's Chariot Raptor Orion Nitro Afterburn Banshee Candymonium Incredible Hulk Thunderbird Black Mamba...
  7. Edward M

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    Haven't updated this since 2019! Rode nothing new in 2020 but have a few to throw out for the last two years. 2021 Jersey Devil Phoenix, Deno's Skyflyer, Deno's 2022 Iron Gwazi Pantheon Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Tumbili Tony's Express
  8. Edward M

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    Not counting Orion cause it's a giga. A pathetic giga but still a giga! Shambhala Mako Goliath OG Apollo's Chariot Nitro Candymonium Diamondback Intimidator
  9. Edward M

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Just got done with a crazy lil coaster trip, and my top list is very different. I'm gonna save my more in depth opinions for a trip report, but I still wanna let y'all know my hot takes. Italics for ridden this year, Bold for new this year Lightning Rod El Toro Voyage Steel Vengeance Helix...
  10. Edward M

    Out of these coasters was the most aweful?

    I've not ridden a good amount of this list, but I'd say that Ghostrider filled me with the most awe.
  11. Edward M

    Alabama Adventure | Cheddar Chase | L&T Systems Wild Mouse | 2022

    I actually visited the park this past weekend, and I can confirm that the coaster is open to the public. It's bizarrely placed at a dead end on the hill that (I believe) used to be the plot for their old boomerang. I was big fan of the park back when Rampage was newly retracked and the admission...
  12. Edward M

    Defunct attractions that if brought back would add something to their park

    It’s gotta be Epcot, right? A park that opened with a fully realized concept and has slowly gotten rid of said concept. But it’s a bit harder to say which ride would be best to bring back. Bringing back Horizons could do wonders. As the sort of “thesis” of the original park, it had elements of...
  13. Edward M

    Your Coaster Years

    1999 - Twister, Knoebels 2000 - Boulder Dash 2001 - Nitro 2002 - X2 2003 - Top Thrill Dragster 2004 - Revenge of the Mummy, USF 2005 - Kingda Ka 2006 - El Toro 2007 - Maverick 2008 - Kawasemi 2009 - Diamondback 2010 - Intimidator 305 2011 - Twister, Gröna Lund 2012 - Skyrush 2013 - Outlaw Run...
  14. Edward M

    Best Defunct manufacturer?

    Perhaps it's a bit "America-centric," but I feel like Arrow is the easy winner, for me at least. Just about every major development for steel coasters in the 20th century was under their umbrella. First tubular steel track, modern inversion, suspended coaster, hyper coaster, and wing (or multi...
  15. Edward M

    Rank the Intamin hyper/mega coasters

    Do/should mega-lites count? I'll go ahead and consider it (it's got mega in the name after all), but it's an interesting question to pose. Skyrush: A brutally intense experience. There's no coaster in the world quite like it, which is probably the best compliment one can give a coaster...
  16. Edward M

    Most noteworthy park and coaster you haven’t done in your home country/state

    I ask myself that question every day... In many ways I am an incredibly basic enthusiast
  17. Edward M

    Most noteworthy park and coaster you haven’t done in your home country/state

    As a New York resident, the most noteworthy park in the state I've yet to visit would be Darien Lake, along with Ride of Steel being the biggest gap. However, I think a much more noteworthy park I haven't done out of state but equally far away is more Kennywood, with Phantom's Revenge being a...
  18. Edward M

    Which movie could your #1 coaster be based on?

    The film to theme Lightning Rod on is so obvious it almost hurts: That film is Bob Clark's 1984 smash hit Rhinestone Just picture it: YOU! are now the New York cabbie given a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a country superstar! Throughout the queue, Dolly informs us that, after she...