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  1. Rachel

    do we NEED to count credits?

    I feel that there’s been a big shift in the attitude towards counting creds in the past few years especially with younger enthusiasts on Twitter - when I first joined CF it definitely felt like more pressure to be riding as many coasters as possible for bragging rights but now it’s about...
  2. Rachel

    20th Anniversary CF Live - THORPE PARK - 16th April 2023

    Ticket all sorted, I will be there 😃
  3. Rachel

    20th Anniversary CF Live - THORPE PARK - 16th April 2023

    I will probably be there. If anyone needs a BOGOF partner or is a able to share a merlin family and friends ticket with me please let me know, I’d really appreciate it cos you know, cost of living and all that etc etc .
  4. Rachel

    GhosterForce 2022

    Thanks everyone for Saturday, it was a small group but it was filled with the stupid laughs and silliness that I love so much about CF. I won't go into detail about Thorpe - its Thorpe at the end of the day and it was a Saturday for Fright Nights so it was busy which I expected. We walked...
  5. Rachel

    How do you pronounce the word “scone”?

    Sc-own. Also cream first then jam.
  6. Rachel

    GhosterForce 2022

    I’ll definitely be there for Thorpe Park. Maybe Chessie but I’ll probably make a last minute decision.
  7. Rachel

    Pigs Might Fly - Trip Reports

    I also got very sunburnt yesterday! Paultons was my first live in over 3 years so thank you so much to everyone for making it such a fun, chilled day. It was cool to get some behind the scenes access to Storm Chaser as we all watched the second train get loaded onto the track. Overall I think...
  8. Rachel

    "Pigs Might Fly" - Paultons Park, 21st May 2022

    I plan on going to this, not had much luck with trips lately but for all intents and purposes I’ll be there!
  9. Rachel

    Most relaxed and most stressful theme parks

    I have a box ticking approach to visiting theme parks for the first time so honestly I find most first time visits stressful, unless there’s only a small number of must do rides or i have more than one day there. However thinking back on my own personal experiences, parks I found particularly...
  10. Rachel

    What is your mentality towards riding kiddie coasters?

    Depends on my mood, when I was serious about counting I’d ride them all, including begging to be let into farms for free just to ride a wacky worm 😂 Nowadays if I’m with a group of CFers, yea probably. I’d go along to a day of mopping up kiddie creds for the laugh. Would I go out of my way on...
  11. Rachel

    Popular food & drink trends you don’t get?

    I should probably elaborate 🤣. So like I don’t know anyone who goes to the biscuit aisle and willingly picks Biscoff out of all the options, they’re something you get on the side of a coffee that you eat for the sake of it. So yea I don’t get this recent obsession with making things Biscoff...
  12. Rachel

    Popular food & drink trends you don’t get?

    Biscoff flavoured sweet treats
  13. Rachel

    The Maccy D's Thread.

    Thought this thread might enjoy my little story…. So at the moment I’m trying to lose some weight from having a baby last year, I won’t bore you with that but this week I lost a few pounds and today is cheat day. So decided I’d try out the new chicken Big Mac. Went to the drive thru, got...
  14. Rachel

    CF Lives 2022 - What's Happening

    I’ll be at Alton, might even do the Saturday since I have a pass now. Bit of a long shot but if anyone fancied doing the water park pm me, I really wanna try and do it this year. Whilst it would have been nice to spend my birthday with you all at Paultons, I’m away that weekend so no can do...
  15. Rachel

    CF Lives 2022 - What's Happening

    Completely understand the reasoning for no overseas lives although a little gutted about Finland as 2023 will be a no-go for me. Glad we can do some UK lives though and as long as the dates work out I hope to be at all of them 😀
  16. Rachel

    Your Earliest Theme Park Memory

    Mini me at Thorpe Park (I’m the little girl in the red coat) . I don’t specifically remember this moment but I do vaguely remember eating doughnuts at some point during this day. My first “solid” memory from a park however is wimping out of Depth Charge at the top when I was around 8 or 9.
  17. Rachel

    Parks you can't be arsed with

    Flamingoland is the only major park in the UK I have left to do and even with the new coaster I just can’t be bothered. I don’t even care about the number of creds I’m missing out on.
  18. Rachel

    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    I’m no longer able to attend but I hope everyone has an excellent time!
  19. Rachel

    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    Count me in for Thorpe and Chessie. Might book somewhere for the Saturday night to save driving round the M25 twice!