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    A New Chapter in China - Part 6: Wuxi Sunac Land

    Sounds like a stressful trip. Sorry to hear about the funeral. Hope it walk went well. Fairly sure neither the spinner at Sunac Jinan or the Spinner at HB are Jinma rides though. The Sunac one I swear is from some new ride company called Nanfang, all their rides look fairly rubbish. They've...
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    Window Of The World | Unknown | S&S Launched Coaster | 202?

    First (slightly poorly mounted) POV of this new S&S
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    OCT Dinosaur Dream Works| China | Huangshi

    As far as construction photos go this is one of the worst ever. But god these obscure Chinese parks are hard to find images of sometimes. The Zamperla Lightning Coaster has gone vertical. Its that smudge over there. Promise. Edit - A bit of a better image. The white tower on the left is the...
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    Happy Valley Shenzhen Expansion Announced

    Well that was quick. Fastest move from rumour/news to construction ever?
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    Happy Valley Shenzhen Expansion Announced

    The original Happy Valley park located in Shenzhen has announced a large expansion of the park. This continues the recent renovation of the wild west area and replacement of their mine train coaster (and closure of their aging SLC) The area themed to an IP I have no idea about which appears to...
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    Fantawild Parks | China | Many Theme Parks

    Updated the original post in this thread to show whats open, whats stalled and whats under construction. Also added updated pics wheres possible I've even colour coded them for ease of use and added 6 more under construction parks A brief update for those who can't be bothered to go back to the...
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    SHOULD RCDB have some changes?

    Oh it 100% is run by one guy. At least the site itself. Duane who has run it from the start. However the social media accounts are run by others and sorting out photos is run by Rik before they are sent to Duane who adds them to the site. Research is done by a ton of others including myself...
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    SHOULD RCDB have some changes?

    Yeah it's fine the way it is. It's run by one guy and it's a massive undertaking. There's some minor issues I'm sure he'd like to change one day such as when a ride changes from standup to sit-down (Firebird for example) still showing as standup but that's hard coded into the way the database...
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    Fantawild Parks | China | Many Theme Parks

    Yingtan Fantawild opened September 9th with its Vekoma Hyper Space Warp coaster called Circus Carnival as well as a Rebound model junior boomerang. Another one to tick off the list. Although I now know of 2 more to add to the list. Need to sort out the original post at some point to reflect...
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    Asian Odyssey - Part 2 - Dragon Park Vietnam

    Agreed its easily the best run park of the lot. Its a close run thing with Shanghai for coaster collection though. Fireball, Mega Lite, Dive Coaster and The Mine Train are all great rides which arguably beats Music Coaster, Extreme Rusher and Crystal Wing but its a close run thing. Park 2...
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    Asian Odyssey - Part 2 - Dragon Park Vietnam

    I've recently been going through some old photo and realised i never posted a TR. So 4 years late here is my Pre Covid trip around Asia. Park 1: Happy Valley Beijing The main reason to fly out to Asia was to go and visit some friends. My old uni housemate was at the time serving in the British...
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    T3 Is Done For at Kentucky Kingdom

    Thats a bet I'll take. 🤣 Pretty sure Chinese safety rules wouldnt allow an almost 30 year old SLC these days. The SLC at Happy Valley Shenzen just passed 20 and almost instantly went SBNO and they replaced the mine train as soon as it reached 20 too. Apparently its due to some fairly strict...
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    Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022

    Correct. Intamin track is all made at Stakotra Manufacturing in Slovakia much like B&M track is made at Clermont in the USA. Which would indeed explain the engineer. It's here if you're wondering
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    Something truly mad from the king of truly mad countries, Japan. Tama Tech is something of a pet favourite park of mine as it seems half the attractions were completely unique and look home made. The park closed in 2009 along with all its weirdness but before its sad demise the park was home...
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    WTF BPB?

    What a car crash of a list. Beto Carrero? Really? a park who's star attraction is a relocated but admittedly beautifully painted SLC?
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    Japan's Many Expo's And Their Coasters

    Well I was right. Turns out Rusutsu's Meisho built Mountain Coaster did indeed come from somewhere else, just not an Expo for once. It was at Yatsu Yuenchi from 1979 to 1982 before Rusutsu bought it when the park closed. The corkscrew at Rusutsu also came from the same park. Both can be seen in...
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    USA and Vancouver PTR Part 6: Dollywood & Pigeon Forge

    Calm down 😛 i'm fairly sure I did look at going there as well as Glenwood but with only 2 full days, 2 brewery tours and the fact I don't drive (something that in the USA seems to be looked upon as a disability on the same level as having no limbs) it would have been overly difficult and...
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    USA and Vancouver PTR Part 6: Dollywood & Pigeon Forge

    Despite its sh*tholeyness it looks like you had a better day at Elitch than I did. The only coasters to open all day was the Half Pipe. Never have I wished for a boomerang and an SLC to actually open. Its the only park I've ever complained at. They offered me a free return ticket which was...
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Penguin Trek | B&M Family Launch Coaster | 2024

    Was also the name of my cat when I was a kid. I hope to god these days my parents didn't know the second meaning when they named her. 😭 On a more on topic theme. As far as I know Vekoma and I believe Mack are fully booked up for the next year or two. Perhaps B&M wasn't the first choice if they...
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    Six Flags Over Georgia | Unknown | Intamin Ultra Surf | 2024

    That's because it probably was. A lot of SFs rides this year seem to have come 2nd hand bulk sale of rides from a park that never opened in Asia. An advert for (I think 24 rides) was put up last year and a lot of the rides so far match what was in the few concept images posted with the advert...