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  1. Benenen

    Milestones in Your Counts

    201 - Dragon's Apprentice (Dubai) 251 - Odyssey (Fantasy Island) 301 - Loup Garou (Walibi Belgium) 350 - The Tickler (Coney Island) 400 - Lightning Racer (Hersheypark) 450 - Family Coaster (Hyde Park WW) 500 - Emperor (SeaWorld San Diego)
  2. Benenen

    Thorpe Park 15th September 2023

    Walk on Stealth and a magnum in the sunshine, you're living the dream Matt. It's always nice when you have one of those 'this is what it's all about' epiphanies at a park. Glad Thorpe delivered and you had a great time matey.
  3. Benenen

    UK Scare Attractions Reports

    Very excited that this part of the theme park season is fast approaching. Tomorrow I'm flying to Los Angeles where I'll visit Universal Halloween Horror Nights, Knotts Scary Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest. Never been to any of these parks before and I cannot wait to be there...
  4. Benenen

    Tivoli Friheden - new coaster to replace Cobra

    It's a park where the current coaster headliner is a spinning wild mouse. Bring on the Eurofighter, great investment for the place.
  5. Benenen

    Last Cred Review

    I found it a needless faff when I went last Wednesday (24th). The park was quiet and you could book slots up until around 4:30 and I believe the booking didn't close at any point in the day. I booked 5 slots throughout the day and the longest wait for the QR code was about 30 mins. Sometimes the...
  6. Benenen

    Last Cred Review

    I rode Mandrill Mayhem at Chessington last week. The best way to describe the ride and area is everything is 6/10. There's nothing awful, there's nothing magnificent, it's all one flat and slightly bland stretch of 6/10. The first 15 seconds of the coaster is fun, there's dispatch audio and you...
  7. Benenen

    I trekked, Utrecht, We trekked to Walibi

    Nice report Rob, you articulate your joy and excitement so well. My number 1 and 2 are Untamed and RTH too. What's your plans for the rest of the year, will you be hitting 200 soon?
  8. Benenen

    Would you skip creds to reach a milestone on a decent coaster?

    Interesting discussion. I keep track of my milestones but make no effort to make them significant coasters. Feels that if I'm interested enough to count creds in the first place then getting good milestones should also feel satisfying to my brain but no. My lack of desire has led to #300 being...
  9. Benenen

    Last Cred Review

    Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland) Probably the coaster that makes me shout, giggle and whoop the most. It's so euphoric, I especially love when you enter the zero G roll or flying snake dive facing sideways and the inversion whips you head over heels like you're on a Top Spin. Great airtime...
  10. Benenen

    Your worst spite

    Tonnerre 2 Zeus, was closed all day today. Never rode the original either. Pretty disappointing but I find a main ride spite isn't too bad when it's at a decent park with lots else to do as was the case today with lovely Asterix. Elsewhere last year I was spited by Flying Turns at Knoebels and...
  11. Benenen

    Alton Towers 25th/26th March 2023

    Top work as usual on the trip report Matt, that was a warm fuzzy read. Hope you have a blast tomorrow and fingers crossed for the manor.
  12. Benenen

    'Good' parks that you just don't vibe with

    Hersheypark. I can't fully put my finger on why but it felt so sterile, corporate and soulless. A lot of fault lies with myself as I assumed it was more of a theme park, for some reason I was expecting stuff like Western theming on Storm Runner and Great Bear having a station that looks like an...
  13. Benenen

    Duel at Alton Towers closing on 6th September - retheme or refurbishment for 2023?

    I've been going to the Towers buy out weekends since 2011 although stopped going in 2020 as the operations and ride availability were awful and way more miss than hit. In that time Sub Terra and Ice Age did not open for it in 2012 and neither did the Smiler in 2016 for it's big reopening after...
  14. Benenen

    What makes your #1 better than your #2?

    Oh my god I cannot wait for the trip report. Glad you enjoyed it dude.
  15. Benenen

    Best / Worst Queue and Exit Layouts for Coaster Marathons

    Bit of a wordy title but this was a good rabbit hole my mind went down trying to fall asleep last night. We all love a marathon if a park is quiet enough but there's definitely factors that affect how enjoyable a coaster is to marathon other than the actual quality and re-rideability of the...
  16. Benenen

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    I was at Toverland yesterday and their winter event is wonderful. Every ride is open in sub zero temperatures (including the log flume that had icicles forming in the splash zone). It was fairly busy, waited 30 minutes for Troy on one train but the rides with higher capacities peaked at 10 mins...
  17. Benenen

    Your year in review - 2022 edition

    - Coaster count at start of 2022: 316 - Coaster count at end of 2022: 451 - New coasters ridden in 2022: 135 - New parks visited in 2022: 17 (Parque Warner, Parque de Atracciones, Farup, Djurs, Legoland Billund, Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce, Coney Island, Six Flags Great Adventure...
  18. Benenen

    Celtic Coastering - Day 2: Coastering

    Goodness have I been excited for this report! Looking forward to reading the next bit. Glad your revelation in Stansted departures happened but if you become a balla jet setting cred collector next year I will miss the detailed reports of ambitious UK kiddy cred runs.
  19. Benenen

    Thorpe Park 10th September 2022

    I know it's a Saturday but 110 mins for a ride in September really takes the cake. Great report Matt, nice to see another solo one you've enjoyed.
  20. Benenen

    Have you ever seen a coaster exceed its theoretical throughput?

    I think you're giving too much weight to what manufacturers claim the theoretical throughput to be. It's random, some are the absolute max a coaster can possibly achieve and some take into account real conditions with guests like the Wicker Man example you've given. I used to operate Atlantis...