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  1. FistedColossus

    Efan's European Expedition

    Same, big fan of that 😂 Glad you loved Untamed - it's in the top tier of RMCs IMO and certainly the best one in Europe.
  2. FistedColossus

    How Has Your Enthusiasm Grown or Changed?

    I think I'm more of an airtime enthusiast now. Was a proper geek as a youth in the 00s and got bored of it all. Mainly because the UK coasters are all a bit crap. Then in 2016ish I went on Taron and it made me realise how many good coasters are actually out there waiting to be discovered...
  3. FistedColossus

    What is your favourite non-Merlin UK coaster?

    Grand National or Megafobia for me. Suspect it will definitely be the latter after the recent retracking work. I do love Nash though. Only recently discovered that old woodies are significantly more enjoyable on non wheel seats and Grand National is absolutely brilliant without the violence.
  4. FistedColossus

    Whats your favorite Intamin

    Gonna categorise them... GOATs: Skyrush Taron Gotham City Escape Elite: Hyperion Expedition GeForce Excellent: Maverick El Toro Very Good: Balder Storm Runner Millennium Force Kingda Ka Good: Stealth Xcellerator Average: Colossos Furious Baco There are a few noteable ones I...
  5. FistedColossus

    Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    This coaster is absolutely incredible. Visited Tuesday and got 4 rides in. We arrived at 3pm due to travelling from Valencia and it hadn't opened. Great. Was ****ting myself, especially after being spited by Toutatis. By 3.45 the queue was open and spilling out of the entrance and we waited...
  6. FistedColossus

    Best Coaster in Europe

    Untamed for me. RMC at their very best. Closely followed by Taron.
  7. FistedColossus

    Matt N’s Frolic in Florida 10th-24th June 2023

    @Matt N I think Zadra could be the one for you. Probably the least violent RMC. Big, smooth and graceful. What I will say though is that we (enthusiasts) do tend to take the humble B&M Hyper for granted and I'm guilty of this myself. Mako is absolutely incredible and a worthy number 1!
  8. FistedColossus

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong or Fast & Furious: Supercharged; which 360° screen ride at Universal Orlando do you prefer?

    Is the Orlando F&F identical to the Hollywood one? Rode the latter and it was fine. Nothing special but it wasn't that bad.
  9. FistedColossus

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Its a matter of time and this would be a perfect opportunity. They're currently charging £12 to skip the MM queue despite the low capacity making it impossible for many people to ride by normal means.
  10. FistedColossus

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I agree with Coaster Studios. The layout would be far better suited to a backward seat rather than spinning. Imagine getting yanked down that drop backward? Knowing Merlin, I'd be surprised if they don't do it. They love an extra marketing gimmick and obviously it would be yet another upcharge...
  11. FistedColossus

    What is your attitude to revisiting parks you've been to before?

    I just follow the airtime. If a park doesn't have an ejector machine then I'm not arsed. I will then revisit the parks that tick the box. I've probably missed many amazing parks due to this rule.
  12. FistedColossus

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    They could be a lot worse but they are crap compared to other modern lap restraints.
  13. FistedColossus

    Thoughts on Wembley to Thorpe Park

    Just had a look on Uber and it's currently £38. Was expecting double that tbh. It's a bit of a trek on public transport but fine if you're not in a rush. Get the tube to Waterloo and then a train to Staines, then the shuttle bus from outside the station. It may look daunting but its fairly...
  14. FistedColossus

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    No need for IMA Score when this exists...
  15. FistedColossus

    Your worst spite

    No it was just a day trip. Had been holding off visiting Asterix for years waiting for Toutatis 😑
  16. FistedColossus

    Your worst spite

    Toutatis. Down all of today 🤮
  17. FistedColossus

    Are the GP getting worse with "Unsafe ride" dramas

    It's a form of confirmation bias I guess. There are lots of people out there who live a very cautious life and don't like to go outside their comfort zone. *Rollercoaster stops on block section* "And that's why you'll never get me on one of these death traps". Keeps the queues down for the...
  18. FistedColossus

    Six Flags Saudi Arabia(?) | Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    Interesting developments.
  19. FistedColossus

    CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    Can we settle on family/thrill? Thrillamily? Familill? Basically it's that bridge between the two. The kids' first upside down coaster.
  20. FistedColossus

    CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    RCDB have got it wrong there. Having seen it test in the flesh, this is definitely a family coaster. I do agree with your B&M comments. They're playing it too safe in a world where RMC now exist.