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  1. Luca B

    Coaster Tournament '19 Matches 97-112

    1: Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point 49: Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park 8: Zadra, Energylandia 24: DC Rivals HyperCoaster, Warner Bros. Movie World 4: Lightning Rod, Dollywood 13: Flying Aces, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 5: Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom 12: T Express, Everland 34: Taiga Linnanmäki 15...
  2. Luca B

    Coaster Tournament '19 Matches 49-64

    3: Skyrush, Hersheypark 62: Extreme Rusher, Happy Valley Beijing 30: Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland 35: Wood Coaster, Knight Valley 14: Medusa Steel Coaster, Six Flags Mexico 51: iSpeed, Mirabilandia 19: Iron Rattler, Six Flags Fiesta Texas 83: Joker, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 6...
  3. Luca B

    Your Credit Approach at a New Park

    I'd say I'm between a B and C, I usually try to get on most thrill and family coasters, however I will never bother with a kiddie coaster or smaller family coasters unless someone else in my party wants to ride it. Also I will ride smaller coasters if I'm close to a milestone and I want to hit a...
  4. Luca B

    Top 10(ish): 2019 Edition - page 80

    Lightning Rod Skyrush Steel Vengeance Storm Chaser The Voyage Der Schwur Des Kärnan Expedition GeForce El Toro Untamed GeForce and Untamed are both fantastic coasters, GeForce has a great first drop and some great sustained moments, and Untamed has some really strong and decently...
  5. Luca B

    RES Roller Ball for Wiener Prater in 2020?

    Might actually go there now, while it probably won’t live up to Wilde Hilde, it could maybe be on the level of Marsupilamis. I hope it’s the 19m variant as they seem much more intense than the larger 28m variant, however RES has never failed to disappoint so I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic addition.
  6. Luca B

    Your Year in Review: 2019 edition on page 5

    New top 20 coasters-13 Best New To You Coaster- Lightning Rod Best Park Visit- Day at Walibi Holland during spooky days or Kentucky Kingdom when it was completely empty. Best Individual Coaster Lap- Trimless Voyage night ride Best New For 2019 Ride- Untamed Best New To You Non-Coaster Ride- Area...
  7. Luca B

    PowerPark (Finland) to Modify Junker??

    I really hope this is true, this would be the pettiest thing a park has ever done
  8. Luca B

    Top 10(ish): 2019 Edition - page 80

    So I went on a trip to the US this past summer, riding many of my bucket list coasters so I thought I may as well update my rankings. (New additions are in Bold) 1. Lightning Rod- This coaster really blew me away, the ride is a barrage of non-stop ejector. Some of the highlights of the ride...
  9. Luca B

    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    Out of what I have ridden I would say Kärnan, however I could see Lech or Untamed top it based off of what I like as Untamed firstly is an RMC and it looks to be really aggressive and have some really strong airtime, and Lech looks to be really forceful and aggressive. I wasn’t the biggest fan...
  10. Luca B

    Roughest B&M?

    Vortex at Carowinds is just awful. The roughness of the ride combined with the standing factor makes it one of the worst B&Ms
  11. Luca B

    Best coaster for airtime in the UK?

    Icon has some surprising airtime, the top hat has some decent ejector, the 2 hills going into the 2nd launch have good ejector, the immelnam has nice floater, the large airtime hill has good ejector, the twisted hill has good ejector and the outward bank has good floater.
  12. Luca B

    Favourite coaster by number of inversions

    0- Fury 325 1- Schwur Des Kärnan 2- Twisted Colossus 3- Twisted Cyclone 4- Nemesis 5- OzIris 6- Afterburn 10- Colossus 14- Smiler
  13. Luca B

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2013- The Smiler 2015- Octonauts 2015- Counter Culture Catapillar (dreamland) 2015- Oblivion The Black Hole 2017- Heidi The Ride 2017- Kleine Zar 2018- Wicker Man 2018- Twisted Cyclone 2018- Speed 2018- Hyperion
  14. Luca B

    Thorpe Park: What could the future hold?

    What everyone is forgetting is that Thorpe’s last 2 major investments weren’t that successful considering the price, so it might still be some time until we see another large investment. Also, while it isn’t the most popular, DBGT was a large investment, and at the time that is what many...
  15. Luca B

    Possible new ride/rollercoaster coming to Thorpe Park in 2019

    The park have said that while it is in their long term plan for Logger’s area to be redeveloped, it is not their primary concern. Also for now we shouldn’t be seeing any announcement for a new ride, as they are more focussed on the special experiences available for the park’s 40th anniversary...
  16. Luca B

    Most polarising roller coasters

    I’m surprised Skyrush hasn’t been mentioned already, some people love it for its intensity and extreme ejector, while some people can’t get over the restraints, and it ruins the ride for them. Also recently Nemesis has become quite polarising, it still has its fanboys, however recently some...
  17. Luca B

    Wuxi Sunac Land | Soaring With Eagle | B&M Wing Coaster/Mack Blue Fire Clone

    Just found some photos showing the beautiful theming of the park: Source: This easily looks like one of the best themed parks in the world, Wanda never fails to impress.
  18. Luca B

    POVs that do not do justice to the ride - at all

    I would have to say Karnan, from the POVs it looks quite boring and tamed compared to the insane ride that it actually provides. The POVs of it just don’t seem to capture the strong and unique airtime of the ride and the ridiculously snappy transitions.
  19. Luca B

    Possible new ride/rollercoaster coming to Thorpe Park in 2019

    Just found this on Instagram. Take it with a grain of salt, but it still could be some indication for a new coaster.
  20. Luca B

    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    Schilke said that he doesn’t want to make vertical loops because he believes that they are overused and are not dynamic enough. I do think that a vertical loop could work on a Raptor though, but definitely not an I-Box or Topper Track.