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  1. Karen

    Riding with back injury/pain

    Help and advise needed from you wonderful people. January 19th I had a car rear end me at a junction. I was leaning forward looking up and down a sloped junction when I was hit so instead of a whiplash, the force hit me in the base of the spine, travelled up and branched across at the top. Due...
  2. Karen

    What type of water do you drink?

    Ok, erm there are so many people these days drinking bottled water or filtered water rather than the water straight out of the tap. This is mainly due to the chemicals they add to it. Even my cats would rather drink rain water from a muddy puddle than the fresh tap water I provide for them. I...
  3. Karen

    FunWorld At the NEC

    For all those in wet, cold miserable UK here's something to cheer you up. Indoor thrills for all. Looks good fun and not too bad a price either.
  4. Karen

    Swine Flu

    Well as the cases reported are steadily increasing I was wondering if any one on CF has had/have/might of had/might have it. As confusing as the above sentence is I am just as confused. I have mild flu like symtoms (and hoping the stay mild) and as I work in a nursery next door to 2...