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  1. Mackem Lad

    lwv new in 2015

    No idea. I haven't been in the loop since I stepped away from Valley Mania to be honest.
  2. Mackem Lad

    lwv new in 2015

    It was marketed as 'The T-Rex of Rollercoasters' when it first opened... so you never know! I'm not so sure the miniature golf will be going next to the new attractions - as odd that as that may sound. The holiday village application did say the current miniature golf would be redeveloped, and...
  3. Mackem Lad

    lwv new in 2015

    The vintage cars were picked up from Loudoun Castle back when they bought Powder Kegs and the rest of Skeleton Cove. The original plan (2012 IIRC) was to have the vintage cars replace Skate Karts and tie it in with Raptor Attack, which would then form the beginnings a new themed area. With news...
  4. Mackem Lad

    New Theme Park Game - Theme Park Studio

    You're refunded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mackem Lad

    Flamingoland Rumours

    ^Yup, it was before the archway into Seaside Adventure. And LWV's dino plans are still in the pipeline. I doubt this would do much to deter them. After all, they're opening Eagle's Creek Farm this year despite Muddy Duck Farm only being half an hour away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Mackem Lad

    Flamingoland Rumours

    From Flamingo Land's Twitter.
  7. Mackem Lad

    Eagle's Creek Farm | Lightwater Valley

    The Helter Skelter was for February half term only.
  8. Mackem Lad

    Would you ride The Ultimate at night?

    There isn't sufficient lighting. What happens in the event of an evac? Not to mention that they are unable to run it past 7pm due the adjacent farm anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Mackem Lad

    Eagle's Creek Farm | Lightwater Valley

    Ha, you're the second person to say that this evening! Yes, there's a theatre in the entrance building (located just after the gate where your tickets are checked). It's only been used for private hire, Frightwater Valley and the Dickensian Festival in recent years... and morning briefing...
  10. Mackem Lad

    Eagle's Creek Farm | Lightwater Valley

    From Valley Mania.
  11. Mackem Lad

    Flamingoland Rumours ... er_coaster Junior Driving site, not Junior Dragon.
  12. Mackem Lad

    Flamingoland Rumours

    Based on the latest season ticket renewal letter, we're looking at a Zamperla Volare (opening July), Zamperla Magic Bikes and an as yet undisclosed family ride.
  13. Mackem Lad

    12% drop in profits for LWV (Also LWV Resorts News!!)

    Re: 12% drop in profits for Lightwater Valley Harrogate Borough Council have just approved plans for the holiday village.
  14. Mackem Lad

    Flamingoland Rumours

    Good to hear the park are branching out...
  15. Mackem Lad

    Girl injured on Lightwater Valley rollercoaster

    It was whilst the ride was in motion. Her injuries did require surgery but she looks to be well on the road to a full recovery. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Mackem Lad

    The Games we play...

    As expected, The Last of Us stole the show for me. The demo looked incredible, but then I wouldn't expect anything less from Naughty Dog. My bet for game of the year. Beyond was a nice surprise. Definitely one to watch! Assassin's Creed III also pricked my attention thanks to some very...
  17. Mackem Lad

    Kids TV themed land at Lightwater Valley...?

    I wouldn't read too much into at the moment. Very early stages. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Mackem Lad

    The 3 main meals of the day.

    I'm from up North and we generally refer to the last meal of the day as 'tea'. It's just the way it's been for many of us since school. I guess it's a Northern thing, much like how we tend to say 'Mam' rather than 'Mum' - at least in the North East anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Mackem Lad

    Lightwater Resorts Master Plan Revealed

    They will be marketing the resort as a "base" to explore Yorkshire. They're under no illusions that as things stand, the theme park is far from a two-day attraction. Hopefully, in time, with the additional revenue streams the resort will bring, they will be able to further develop the theme park.
  20. Mackem Lad

    Lightwater Resorts Master Plan Revealed

    From Valley Mania. Associated Links Lightwater Resorts Master Plan | Artist's Impressions | Brochure | Exhibition Panels Look familiar? Proposed main reception building.