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    Why Do You Go to Amusement Parks?

    I mainly go for the coasters, flats, atmosphere and just having an awesome/fun day out with family/friends :) i'm not too fussed about the shows though but ill watch a show at a theme park now and then.
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    New Nickelodeon Land for Blackpool

    I'm sure Rollercoaster/Nickelodeon Streak will just casually blend in with the rest of the area once it's all complete. :) I'm glad it hasn't been taken down as its miles better than Big Dipper imo.
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    5 best UK rides/rollercoasters

    1. The Ultimate 2. Stealth 3. Jubilee Odyssey 4. Grand National 5. Wild Mouse (PBB)
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    Longest line/wait?

    90 minutes for Crush's Turtle Coaster at DLP Studios, and that was first thing in the morning just after the park opened, cause if we saved it till later on then we'd be looking at 120 mins or more which is definitely not worth it for what it is. And I don't remember it spinning that much either...
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    PMBO - Rebrand.

    LOVE the new trains :D
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    Your Top Concerts / Gigs / Shows

    I've only been to one concert in my life which was The Monster Ball starring Lady GaGa at Nottingham Trent FM Arena in May earlier this year and I was right near the front in the Gold Circle Standing bit. :) Was an absolutely amazing concert <3
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    Inbetweeners - Love it or Hate it?

    I love it lmao.
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    Loudon Castle to close for good

    What a shame :( hopefully Twist 'n' Shout will be bought by a UK park. I think it would suit Lightwater Valley but I don't know if they've already bought that Vekoma one.
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    Music Recommendations :L
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    Sky Flyer

    I don't think it's going anywhere atm. I went last month and they had painted the bit that supports the ride in like colourful patterns to freshen it up. It might leave the park within the next few years along with Corkscrew as I think they're probably the oldest rides left there. :)
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    Best fast food chips (American: fries)

    Mmm definitely McDonald's fries. :)
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    Th13rteen Camara

    The camera is just at the bottom of the first drop and it's on the right. :)
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    Three Word Story II

    gone off cheese.
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    UK dark coasters

    ^ So I guess Raptor Attack is the only one left in the dark then? Or is there any others? EDIT: Ah sorry, I think I'm blind haha, but ive just read the post about Space Invader being enclosed at Brean, so there's only 2 coasters in the dark in the UK? Kinda sad that really as I love coasters...
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    Last thing you ate?

    a KFC <3
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    Rollercoasters that you wanted to ride, but got dismantled.

    Magnum Force - Flamingo Land Bullet - Flamingo Land Twin Looper - American Adventure Thunder Looper - Alton Towers Crazy Loop - Pleasure Island I luckily rode the Black Hole a year before it shut but I can only just remember what the ride was like. :)
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    In no particular order: 1. El Toro/T-Express 2. Kingda Ka/Top Thrill Dragster 3. Alpengeist/Pyrenees/Katun 4. Maverick 5. X2 6. Boulder Dash/Balder 7. Millennium Force 8. The Voyage 9. Behemoth/Nitro 10. Chang/Mantis Oh and I'm aware there's more than 10, I just couldn't decide...
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    Music Recommendations

    Love this song at the moment <3
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    Loudest coasters

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned Kumba but I remember that being really loud especially being right underneath it almost made me deaf. :lol:
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    Top 10: 2010 Edition

    Having recently been to Florida for the first time ever about a month ago, my Top 10 has changed quite a bit and I'm still not sure if I'm 100% happy with it so yeah :L 1. Dragon Khan 2. The Incredible Hulk 3. The Ultimate 4. Kumba 5. Montu 6. Manta 7. SheiKra 8. Kraken 9. Stealth...