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  1. Lottie.

    2013 - In review

    1. Roller coaster of the year Shambhala. I loved this ride, had high hopes and it delivered everything I was expecting for a B&M Hyper. <3 2. Water ride of the year River Quest. And how I did not get wet. :P 3. Flat ride of the year Talocan. That is all. 4. Park of the year Phantasialand...
  2. Lottie.

    Favourite pasta shape

    I can't choose! I love them all. <3
  3. Lottie.

    Front Seat Rides vs. Back Seat Rides

    +1 I really cannot say which I prefer due to the fact that some rides I enjoy riding the front including Nemesis and The Swarm. Then sometimes I prefer to go back row like Shambhala. Airtime! <3 It generally depends on the ride imo. If it is a new ride, I would love and try to go for front row...
  4. Lottie.

    Are you cultured?

    I love to have a mix of both culture and theme parks. When travelling I cannot miss out on visiting a city or town when it's near a theme park I am visiting or where I will be staying hotel wise. :)
  5. Lottie.

    Best generation of games consoles

    I am caught between the Playstation 2/Sega Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox generation and the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii generation. Don't get me wrong, I love the new consoles that are out atm but I do have a major soft spot for old games. Perhaps that is due to my childhood and spending time on them with my...
  6. Lottie.

    Universal Studios Florida vs. Islands of Adventure

    Whilst I love Universal Studios, I am more in love with Islands of Adventure. Even more so now they have Harry Potter! They've got great coasters in Hulk and Dueling Dragons, water rides that get you wet no matter what (Dudley! <3), and in general I love the whole park and the different lands. :)
  7. Lottie.

    NoLimits Coaster News! (Updated DECEMBER 31th 2013!!!)

    Re: NoLimits Coaster News! (Updated NOVEMBER 26th 2013!!!) Squeeee! This looks brilliant. When can I have it?!!!
  8. Lottie.

    What do you like to cook in your kitchen?

    Anything I fancy really depending on whether I can cook it and if my family want to have some as well hehe. Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli Con Carne, Mexican such as fajitas etc, Sweet and Sour Chicken... there's a few dishes I can cook. ^.^ Does this topic also include baking cakes and stuff...
  9. Lottie.

    Preferred Baguette Cutting Method

    Depends on my mood, but generally I prefer rings.
  10. Lottie.

    Which coasters have the coolest looking trains?

    +1 They look awesome! The Swarm's train are pretty awesome too imo. :)
  11. Lottie.

    Best Sherbet Sweet

    Sherbet Fountain! <3
  12. Lottie.

    Optimal Crisp-Bits Eating Method?

    Grab the bag and pour in my mouth. Not lady-like but hey, I can't leave little bits of crisps in the bag. Can't waste it! :P
  13. Lottie.

    How many meals do you have each day?

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Pretty boring really. :P
  14. Lottie.

    Toverland - how long do you need?

    But brilliant at the same time! :P I remember when I went this year, it was quiet so literally we got the creds and whored Troy and Dwervelwind.
  15. Lottie.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for believing anything is possible.
  16. Lottie.

    Good news and bad news!

    ^ Haha! No. Southampton! :P
  17. Lottie.

    Good news and bad news!

    Good news: I'm out shopping with some friends. Bad news: I may end up spending some of my money on stuff I don't need. Wish me luck aha! :P
  18. Lottie.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for not wearing shorts in October.
  19. Lottie.

    The little pocket on a pair of jeans

    Let's say pocket. :P Seems a bit of an unnecessary pocket unless someone has found a creative way to use it aha.
  20. Lottie.

    New look for RCDB

    I wasn't expecting the change when going on the site today, but I like it. Nice and fresh look for the site. :)