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    Nagashima Spaland | Acrobat | B&M Flying Coaster

    As much as the fallout from the SD2K accident probably cost the park, I'm not surprised at all that it took them a while to get another coaster. Despite being landlocked (actually water on three sides) they do have some room for expansion within the park footprint, so it was just a matter of...
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    Bankruptcy mulled to stop CLP sale

    The park has been on the verge of permanent closure for the better part of a decade. I'm starting to wonder if they've changed the name of the place to "Save Conneaut Lake Park".
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    Galaxy Express 999 - is no more :-(

    Very much so. The 'big' helix circled the dolphin shown tank watched from the level above, and the entire ride apart from the loop was only one (mall-sized) story tall. I missed the indoor mouse at Escape Theme Park in Singapore by a day. Two girls had been badly hurt on it the day before and...
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    Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Rides sold

    Many of the rides have been disassembled and sold. It's far from turnkey at this point. Biggest failure? Hard to say. It isn't the first park to fail, but perhaps the one with the most promise to do so, so quickly. The money spent and lost on this park is somewhat less a mystery than it once...
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    Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Rides sold

    You're right. Ben is generally rude to everyone, and your far from the first to call him out on it. He seems to take great pleasure in disagreeing with pretty much everything anyone else likes or thinks. I basically just skip past his posts now. That said, Led Zep wasn't the best B&M coaster...
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    Volcano Refurbishment

    Wasted opportunity. All that does is makes the line look longer than it is, making a small number people walk away.
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    BPB | Red Arrows Sky Force | Gerstlauer Sky Fly

    Re: Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Project 2015 Update to Hot Ice.
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    Moonsault Scramble- First Hyper?

    As Maverix alluded, I don't think, from what little footage is out there that more than a couple rows of the train actually break the 200-foot plane, and that top speed really backs up that concept. Virtually all coasters with a 200 foot drop reach 70 mph.
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    All Giga Coasters, least to greatest

    Millenium Force * SD2K I305 * Where I expect Leviathan to fit in mine whenever I get out of college and ride.
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    Holiday World | Thunderbird | Launched B&M Wing Coaster

    Kinda looks more like what Vekoma calls a sidewinder, exiting 90* from the entrance direction like that.
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    Blue Fire Clone for Wonder Island

    That's a step up from that odd S&S sort-of-a-screaming-squirrel-more-like-an-El-Loco-prototype they have.
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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    What an idiot. Worst place in the world? Man needs to get out of his little bubble.
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    Hansa Park | Kärnan | Gerstlauer Hyper Coaster

    This. 100% this. The Ropers would probably die if they lived next to that.
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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    Just throwing this out there: Even if DLP is bleeding cash, I can't see the overall company admitting defeat and cutting losses now. Way too embarrassing. It will be interesting how this plays out, because they did essentially the same thing at least once or twice before now.
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Re: Cedar Point Mantis to Close October 19 Wow. Add that to the list of worst coaster names ever. The very first time I read it, this is what my mind did:
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    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    Re: Efteling | unknown | B&M Dive Coaster Stereotype much? A yarmulke does not make a person a Hasidic Jew. ...and you wouldn't know me from Adam, nor anything about me except what internet rumors there may be. Sorry if you think it funny or whatever that I don't place as much value on...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Re: Cedar Point Mantis to Close October 19 Naive youngster. More than a few of the earliest stand-ups did exactly this, heartlining be damned.
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    Coasters due for the wrecking ball

    Blue Streak and Conneaut. It's the park that just. won't. fu(king. die. Been on the verge of bankruptcy and shutting forever about 20 years now.
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    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    Re: Efteling | unknown | B&M Dive Coaster At other parks I've not been to before, I have hit major dark rides before credits. Such as Spiderman at USJ before the indoor kiddy coaster. I'd have been pissed if I hit the kiddy coaster then found that Spiderman had gone down for the day and I...