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  1. Lofty

    New rides @ small parks

    Not really. The entire park has always had music as a central narrative - even mores nowadays. So it was inevitable it would receive a naming like that.
  2. Lofty

    Canada’s Wonderland | Tundra Twister | Mondial Avalanche | 2023

    It really puts it into perspective just how HUGE this thing is.
  3. Lofty

    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    The ONLY, literally SINGLE part that I'm not massively sold on is the first inversion. It's merely just a taste thing - I detest hangtime and it looks full of it. It just jars in the flow right from the get go. Apart from that, the rest of the coaster looks insane. That final launch through the...
  4. Lofty

    Europa Park | Unknown | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    What a coaster *chef's kiss*
  5. Lofty

    Europa Park | Unknown | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    Omg... YES! This thing is going to be much bigger than I thought. That stall is quite tall. I think with all of the animations etc., it's looked like it's just been a cutback style stall, but I'm so glad to see that it's a full on stall.
  6. Lofty

    PortAventura | Uncharted | Intamin Multi-Dimension Coaster | 2023

    Similar, they're either fibreglass ones - or prefabricated carved with a sealant/coating.
  7. Lofty

    Lagoon | Primordial | Unknown | 2023

    I think that's representing the trains/car. You can clearly see the restraints under the 'o' for coming soon and '23' or 2023.
  8. Lofty

    Megaphobia Retracked.

    Is that not a double up? The sign on the left is facing towards the camera...
  9. Lofty

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Most of the creditors are investors, in which they've had a load. If you look at Companies House, the entire list of shareholders is listed, and it goes to prove the post above, sadly.
  10. Lofty

    Duel at Alton Towers closing on 6th September - retheme or refurbishment for 2023?

    The ad is brilliant. Really captures that haunting feeling, and does not feel like a 'boo' ghost train. Really excited to see the final product soon. It's had some amazing people working on it, so hopefully it's great.
  11. Lofty

    Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be refurbished for 2023

    Excited to hear it. He's a brilliant composer and musician and his work on Icon was great. I think judging an entire soundtrack (some of the icon ones were nearly an hour) on a 90 second clip might be jumping the gun a little. I'm sure there's still a lot of the original melodies or influences...
  12. Lofty

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Quite a lot of people (some of whom I know) had been working on this, fully knowing it was not going to get anywhere but were reaping the rewards financially, and good on them. Whilst it still had investment flooding in, why not. Interestingly, there has been some investors in this that have...
  13. Lofty

    Furuviksparken | Lightning | Vekoma Family Coaster | 2023

    LOVE those trains. Can't wait to see them with the lighting.
  14. Lofty

    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    Really loving this new move into inclusivity that parks are aiming for. Efteling really have been at the forefront of that since the conceptual designing of Symbolica!
  15. Lofty

    SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023

    As much as we inevitably knew the comment was coming... on this occasion it actually doesn't look slow. I'm quite impressed.
  16. Lofty

    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    The concept art is so rich, I just love it.
  17. Lofty

    Portaventura Being Sold Back to Universal? Rumour!

    HHN is not comparable to Dungeons - it could easily coincide with it and offer something different. Also, London wouldn't necessarily be the best place for it in the UK. Studies have shown that both Bristol and Manchester are more intrigued by the proposition of immersive theatre style...
  18. Lofty

    Heide-Park to make its ”next major investment” in 2024

    It's just... yeah. The logo also feels like it's from 1999. Sure I've seen that design being used as a tramp stamp somewhere.
  19. Lofty

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    F For brand consistency, they're definitely better. They're much more flexible for roundels, print, and much more. You may not like them as much, but they're fundamentally much more flexible than their predecessors. Give me a design like this any day to add to a poster design etc. rather than...
  20. Lofty

    Portaventura Being Sold Back to Universal? Rumour!

    They're creating more immersive experiences that do not rely on their parks as a hosting venue. The Halloween Horror Nights experience in Las Vegas is a prime example - a complete separate entity that can operate in locations where there is no park. Arguably this is a very different market from...