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  1. KoasterEv

    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    Beautiful! I agree about the elongated layout. I wasn't really sold on it until seeing it built. Looks awesome.
  2. KoasterEv

    What is the best flat ride of all time?

    Hard to narrow it down to one in particular....But loved the 1st and 2nd gen Intamin drop towers :) Next to that would be the Zipper for me. Would be great to see them modernized with maybe some floorless seats instead of cages or something :D
  3. KoasterEv

    Holiday World | Thunderbird | Launched B&M Wing Coaster

    Awesome test run video :D Looks like it hauls ass off of that launch section.
  4. KoasterEv

    Cavallino Matto | Freestyle | Skyrider Togo Standup from CW

    Re: Cavallino Matto | Freestyle | Skyrider Togo Standup from Oh Skyrider, how I won't miss the abuse I went through riding you for so many years. :P Glad to see it wasn't scrapped though! Looking sleek with that nice new paintjob!
  5. KoasterEv

    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    :--D Wow! has been about a week or so since I've checked out this thread and tons has been done! Love when parks really outdo themselves on the theming like this. Looks incredible!
  6. KoasterEv

    Arrow Hyper Titan Gets New S&S Trains

    Very cool. Hopefully this will take some of the body-bashing pain away! :P Neat to see these coasters upgrading to new trains. The ones on SD2K seem to be working out quite nicely as well... :D
  7. KoasterEv

    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    Looks really good. Love the color scheme on both the train and the track. The restraints are supposed to "look scary". The open feeling on B&M trains is half the exciting part. :P
  8. KoasterEv

    Orlando, Atlantic City, Vegas, etc. Skyscrapers | ThrillCorp

    Re: I-Drive Orlando | Skyscraper| US Thrill Rides This thing just keeps getting better. So stoked to hit Florida next summer!
  9. KoasterEv

    Liseberg 2015 Zierer Star Shape?

    Awesome! Going to look neat when the installation / themeing is all done. :D
  10. KoasterEv

    PortAventura | Ferrari Land | New Area

    LOL I suppose. You'd suspect with the hype of it being the first of it's kind in Europe, that it would be enough revenue just from the general admissions.. I guess we will just have to see! :P
  11. KoasterEv

    Liseberg 2015 Zierer Star Shape?

    Very cool. Still have yet to get on one of these. Europe seems to have all of the awesome flat rides that North America needs!
  12. KoasterEv

    Roller Coaster Tycoon on Steam

    It looks like from the renders on the production blog that they recycled a lot of the rides from RCT3 (This is my 3 years experience as a Game developer / 3D modeler coming out lol). I hope they are just using those as placeholders and we get a whole grab-bag of new attractions..... The renders...
  13. KoasterEv

    PortAventura | Ferrari Land | New Area

    They will probably just end up raising the general admission prices to include this new area. Seems stupid to pay twice because obviously guests are going to be heading there to ride the new coaster. Seems like a bit of a money grab to make visitors pay extra to gain access to one ride...
  14. KoasterEv

    Adventureland, Iowa | Storm Chaser | Mondial Windseeker

    !?!?! LOL.... What.... the...? I'm assuming this is a modified version? Looks like a Chinese knockoff Windseeker :P
  15. KoasterEv

    Milestones in Your Counts

    Good to know for when I head overseas on my coaster tour next year! :P I meant Edmonton, Alberta, Canada :P
  16. KoasterEv

    Coasters you want to ride the most

    -Fury 325 -El Toro / T Express -Pretty much everything at Liseberg -Boulder Dash -Intimidator 305 ...... These are just off the top of my head. I won't rest until I've ridden them ALLLLL! *MUWAHAHAHAHA* lol
  17. KoasterEv

    What roller coaster would you like to ride backwards?

    LOL. That would be amazing. I just don't know how they would get past the restraints because people's necks would snap going in reverse on that badboy. I'd assume they would have to upgrade the trains to have something like Superman - Krypton at SFMM....
  18. KoasterEv

    Milestones in Your Counts

    Growing up in Edmonton, there was no real exposure to any good coasters besides the Mindbender at West Edmonton Mall. So, that would have to be my 50 and 100. I've honestly ridden it over 1000 times so I'm sure that's gotta be it. :P
  19. KoasterEv

    What roller coaster would you like to ride backwards?

    Any dive machine..... LOL that drop would be intense!