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    Gwazi Closing in 2015

    Here comes the coasterforce army to rabidly attack anyone who might slightly disagree with anything that is said against one of their buddies. You guys all act like you have sticks up your ass... or maybe you need to find a stick to sit on to calm you guys down. ^^Ben, it is not a known fact...
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    Gwazi Closing in 2015

    Bit of an overreaction don't you think? I re-read what I wrote and didn't find anything derogatory. Merely pointing out you can screw this guy out of his severance by linking him to your posts. The non disclosure was specific to the severance package. Had nothing to do wih his 20 years and...
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    Gwazi Closing in 2015

    It sounds like you are getting a lot of your information from a disgruntled employee who was laid off. Since you already dropped his name on here I should warn you, most companies have non disclosures in their severance package. Sounds like he violated his and you are broadcasting it on the...
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    Do You Open Presents Before Christmas?

    This may be an American question (I think the British have Boxing Day, or is that Canada?), regardless, do you save all of your Christmas presents for the 25th, or do you open any prior? Growing up my family would always open one small gift on Christmas Eve, and then open the rest in the...
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    American Riots

    Yeah, I think we are on the same sides of the fence, I just might be a little closer than you. I stated in this thread the Garner case should be the one to get up in arms about. Not only for the black community, but people in general. That's where I get a little confused by the whole "black...
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    American Riots

    No doubt there are people with their heads in the sand. No doubt there are varying levels of racism that are still found all over the world, by people with all levels of influence. But just like it is not healthy (or realistic) for me, a middle income white guy, to go around thinking ever black...
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    American Riots

    I think what intricks may have been trying to articulate was that right now its a 1 way street. The only way you can be racist is if you are a white (male) discriminating against a person of darker color, usually black. Where the average Joe gets frustrated is when they see horrific cases of...
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    Football Topic

    Re: Barclay's Premier League So the season is a 1/3, 1/2? over and I have watched at least one game a week, and usually watch 2 of the 3 games played on NBCSN here in the States. My thoughts are ultimately this, there is no doubt these guys are athletic, and can do some talented stuff with a...
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    American Riots

    So things have stayed on edge in California. In NY a bunch of people tried to get the future King and Queen of England to show pity. Also, Lebron James may have been the first black male to touch an English Royal in public? There was a shooting in Orlando (hooray for possible violence close to...
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    "Now Showing"

    Catching up on the latest Marvel crap: X-Men: Days of Future Past - Alright movie. Had several scenes that were obviously fanboy nerdgasms. Even for a movie that had a central plot of time travel, the story was convoluted and sketchy at best. The Quicksilver kitchen scene was a fav. Would put...
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    Where to stay over at Six Flags Great Adventure

    So you pretty much covered all the bases there huh? To the OP. I ran a quick Travelocity search for Great Adventure and the closest hotel is about 8 miles away....and I believe it. Its been 4+ years since I was up there, but I remember a lot of nothing in between the turnpike and the park...
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    Adventure Park USA to get Hurricane

    Yeah, the panhandle is shaping up to be quite the random cred location.
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    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    Yeah, its about 10 stories taller right? The direction of that picture makes it look a lot bigger tho.
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    American Riots

    Right. And the chokehold that the Cop used in NYC was illegal as well. Zero charges are being filled. Hopefully this wakes more people up to the us vs them mentality that the uber elite have developed. Black, white, brown, all across the world need to stay united on this front. The banks...
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    American Riots

    What did they get ripped off with bad material or something? Cause I will guarantee you if you march on the queen tomorrow those suckers will be turned up full blast.
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    American Riots

    ^Really? A quick google search pulls some fun results. And didn't the city of London purchase shiny new high powered water guns for future protests/riots?
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    American Riots

    ^Agreed, race aside if a cop can choke a man to death using a banned move, and its caught on tape, and nothing happens, will a cop ever get in trouble for excessive force? That case, based on the video I have seen, is infinitely worse than the Ferguson case. When I saw that video that got my...
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    American Riots

    ^Of all of the douchy things you have said in this thread, quoting a Batman movie might be the tops on your list. The gunman who commit mass shooting, speaking strictly on American soil, are not some evil masterminds. They are mentally ill people who have no feeling of empathy, or whats right...
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    Greatest Decade of Roller Coasters?

    Other than there are not too many decades to choose from, this argument will be a lot like technology. Do you favor some classic advancements or the newest and shiniest?
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    Trip Plans For 2015

    ^A mighty big year is one park then no clue if you can go to a bunch of parks you rattled off? :) 100% (maybe 1 new cred): SeaWorld Orlando Magic Kingdom Epcot Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Florida Fun Spot (if they get the new cred) LEGOLAND Florida...