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  1. robbeal

    20th Anniversary CF Live - THORPE PARK - 16th April 2023

    Right, blast from the past time... I think i'm gonna rock up. Its the 20-year anniversary after all, if i'm going to show up, this might be the occasion...
  2. robbeal

    The biggest thrill in the smallest package?

    Yeah, this was what jumped to my mind immediately too. I didn't know what to expect from it when I visited GronaLund a couple of years back but it stood out to me as one of my favourite wooden coasters after riding it!
  3. robbeal

    Least favorite element?

    I've never really got the appeal of a Cobra Roll. Maybe its because i've never found a good one, but everyone i've ridden has just felt a bit flat. Shame really, because they do look great, and they're quite an imposing feature to have.
  4. robbeal

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    'ello. Seeing as i'm one of the millions of people that seem to have descended on Scandinavia in recent weeks, my top 10 has had a bit of a review, and no goes like this: 1. Helix - Liseberg 2. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park 3. Balder - Liseberg 4. Wildfire - Kolmarden 5. Colossos - Heide...
  5. robbeal

    Favourite Flavour of Pot Noodle

    Genuinely want a Pot Noodle now... Beef & Tomato or Original Curry for me, although the Beef & Tom ones have never been the same since they got rid of the crumbs of soya in them. Weirdly, that made them better. Doesn't say much about them does it!
  6. robbeal

    Best tomato based food with a fry-up

    Bean me. There's a time and place for tomatoes, and its in a salad, not a fry-up.
  7. robbeal

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Re: Top 10(ish): 2015 Edition - page 27 Mamba is beautifully themed, definitely give you that. I love the queue line too, no switchbacks, just a queue that meanders through the layout. Its nice to see some thought go into that. Its a great ride though, it just falls ever so slightly short...
  8. robbeal

    Skyrush or Expedition Geforce?

    Now i've not ridden Skyrush, but EGF certainly didn't disappoint last weekend. Whether the heat was a factor, possibly, but the trims barely operated, and it certainly hasn't lost any airtime in the last 10 years. I find it hard to comprehend that people suggest it has 'no' airtime... I was...
  9. robbeal

    Who uses Theme park merchandise?

    Its just dawned on me that I don't really have any merch! I quite fancy some mugs though, and yes, i'd definitely use them. I can't see me spending money on something I wouldn't get use out of.
  10. robbeal

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Re: Top 10(ish): 2015 Edition - page 27 Black Mamba goes in at No. 11. :(
  11. robbeal

    Trip Plans For 2015

    I'm off to Holiday Park and Phantasialand this weekend!
  12. robbeal

    Watching PoVs

    Watching a POV of something i've not yet ridden doesn't really bother me, nothing is a substitute of the feeling of actually riding it. Generally I can see what a ride does just from photos, so a video isn't really spoiling anything as such. The forces of being on the ride are what make it or...
  13. robbeal

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Re: Top 10(ish): 2015 Edition - page 27 So, mine sits like this at present. 1. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park 2. Balder - Liseberg 3. Colossos - Heide Park 4. Silver Star - Europa Park 5. Dragon Khan - Port Aventura 6. Goliath - Walibi Holland 7. Nemesis - Alton 8. Lisebergbanan - Liseberg...
  14. robbeal

    Geology rocks!

    One rock formation that's always fascinated me is the Wulingyuan mountains in China. Completely otherworldly!
  15. robbeal

    Music Recommendations

    ^^Coming of Age is a gorgeous track. I can take a leave Foster the People in general, but I love that song. Its got a lovely Beach Boys-esque vibe, blissfully relaxing. Adding to that, anyone caught any of Slaves? Top bit of new British punk, and its proper punk too, not the punk rock Fall...
  16. robbeal

    How do you eat a kiwi fruit?

    There are people who eat the skin?! Jesus... I've always peeled and quartered them to be honest, i'd never considered another way. Then I met Lucy, and she favoured the 'egg method', but having tried it, i'd rather stick to quartering it.
  17. robbeal

    Formula 1™ Topic

    ^Yep, top performance. Really happy he won, and about time he got the recgonition he deserves. He's been largely overlooked in F1 in recent years, but a Le Mans win (and upsetting the Audi applecart too) will hopefully change that. Admittedly, Nick Tandy was the one who really stole the show...
  18. robbeal

    Chris' Question of the day Number 2

    There are a **** lot of lyrics there to be fair... So many that I can't be bothered reading them actually.
  19. robbeal

    Tennis Topic

    Yeah, take it all back, well done Stan. Top performance!
  20. robbeal

    Tennis Topic

    Yeah definitely, he's just been unlucky to have been born into the same era as the other three. Any other time, he'd probably be world No.1. As for Wawrinka, yeah he's definitely a top player and he's really impressed me in recent years with his climb into the top 10, and the way he's stayed...