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  1. hyde666

    Hmmm I think I might know where my #100 would be! Somewhere in Virginia, or Pennsylvania...

    Hmmm I think I might know where my #100 would be! Somewhere in Virginia, or Pennsylvania, according to the trips so far made for next year. Figuring I'm going back to KD in spring, and depending if I am able to go to BGW or if Tumbili opens, that might be the closest I can get.
  2. hyde666

    New coaster concepts that you think would be cool

    Not sure if this would be considered a new concept or not, but I have had this dream a couple of times of a giga wooden coaster with small trains- like 6 or 8 people per train; at most 12. Three lift hills (150ft drop, 300ft drop, and 100ft drop in that order), over a mile(or two?) of track...
  3. hyde666


    I believe so, for about a couple of weeks now.
  4. hyde666

    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    Six Flags parks have mediocre food, with the exception of New England's food. Then again, I have only been to three parks (SFNE, SFA and SFGADV- my home park, which has next to nothing that's even good.) If all Six Flags parks had New England's bubble cones, then I'm good to go.
  5. hyde666

    Last Cred Review

    My #90: Riddler('s) Revenge (SFNE) The name is personally stupid because of the lack of the apostrophe and letter S, since y'know, The Riddler is a character? Anyways, this is actually the one bad SLC I've been on- the restraints are horrible! I have had no problem with Mind Eraser (SFA) or...
  6. hyde666

    Major coasters you never knew existed?

    Speaking of Chinese coasters, I keep forgetting Dinoconda is a thing, the only other S&S 4th dimension coaster aside from Eejanaika. It's a few feet shorter than its cousin from Japan.
  7. hyde666

    Your Favorite Flat Ride?

    You can't go wrong with drop towers. Though some are quite inferior to others, I would like to mention a few note-worthy ones. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (SFGADV), Drop Tower (KD), and AtmosFEAR (Morey's Piers); three absolutely insane drop towers. Power Tower at Cedar Point is a runner up since I...
  8. hyde666

    Rides at Your Local Park You Always Try to Ride?

    I always seem to go on Nitro a tons at SFGADV. Same with El Toro, but it's been closed, so now I got more rides on Nitro than any other coaster I've been on.
  9. hyde666

    Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

    Often going to Hersheypark, and having SFGADV even closer, there are two coasters (and one flat ride) I absolutely cannot stand. HP: Wildcat. Some people do like this ride I believe, but the one time I went on, I had a massive headache (same Roar at SFA, but that one was worse by a hair simply...
  10. hyde666

    Predicting Milestone Credits

    Everyone has their current milestones, but what about the future? I'll go first to give an idea. I am getting close to getting 100 credits under my belt (within 3 years!). I am currently on 80 credits, and most likely will go up to 90 by the time I am done with SFNE. So there's a few options...
  11. hyde666

    Opinions on fright fest at Six Flags (in general)?

    Thanks! I had no idea there was a separate forum for it- that and I am a terrible reader when it comes to the internet, as I tend to skip things.
  12. hyde666

    Opinions on fright fest at Six Flags (in general)?

    I'm basing this question on your nearest Six Flags park. How does it feel to ride the rides in the dark, and just the whole environment? Is it as tame as SFA or a circus like SFGADV? I'm going to SFNE in a few weeks so I got no idea what to expect. SFGADV is my home park. When it comes to...
  13. hyde666

    Coaster with the strongest smell?

    Oh, forgot to mention Sooperdooperlooper too. The final trims at the end greet you to a horrible gasoline smell to the right.
  14. hyde666

    Theme park soundtracks that get stuck in your head

    Aside from MF and TTD, the original Nitro theme is by far the best.
  15. hyde666

    Rides that you would like more if they had different restraints

    Skyrush and GaleForce would be higher on my list if they didn't have such bad restraints. For GaleForce, I don't mind them on S&S 4D coasters, but on that? It digs into me, and me along many others complain it can sometimes hurt the acorns. Skyrush is fairly obvious because that thing is a...
  16. hyde666

    How many different number 1s have you had?

    I've only had two, so far. When I first was introduced to the coaster buzz, I treated Expedition Everest like a work of art, which it is, it's still in my top 20 today, But my second one has not moved a spot since July of 2020, the first time I stepped into my home park. It was also the first...
  17. hyde666

    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    I seriously thought I would end up unconscious from all of the pain I have experienced on Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure. I was also scared, or, scarred, on Raptor at Cedar Point, both in my (the 2nd one is definitely unpopular) opinion excruciatingly horrible experiences from two...
  18. hyde666

    Six Flags Great Adventure will not give back memberships, how can I help?

    Update: We got our memberships back!
  19. hyde666

    Six Flags Great Adventure will not give back memberships, how can I help?

    So throughout the year, my mom was trying to cancel my dad and grandma's memberships so she and I would be the only ones to pay for. They cancelled all of our memberships last month. Recently, they have tried to give us a gold membership instead of diamond elite. We had diamond elite since the...