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    California's Great America - Park sold, eventually closing

    Why would that be true for B&M's and not hundred years old woodies?
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    Fårup Sommerland | Fønix | Vekoma | 2022

    Got to ride this little gem. The coaster is probably one of the smoothest I got to experience. The first drop and inversions are really good. Pacing is great, the ride ends with those rmc-ish little bumps. Of course it doesn't have the rmc ejectors that goes with, and overall the restraints...
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    TEA 2020 Attendance Figures

    What a surprise ! I thought they would skip this year, as the report is generally published in may/june. If you read the introduction (about the dynamic of crisis in theme park industry), you might find a partial explanation to the reason why Seaworld did not open their new rides in 2021...
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    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    Deejay-fluzzy on Coastersworld has made a very interesting discovery online. He found the construction planning of Toutatis : The construction of the ride itself is set to be between january and june 2022, but the ride wouldn't operate before march 2023 after adjustements and testing. The...
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    List of coasters with implemented Onride-Videos

    I Speed has it in Mirabilandia. Not sure about Katun.
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    Most surprising addition to a theme park?

    I'm also thinking about Taiga in Linnanmäki. When did a park piling crappy zacspin and other skyloop all of a sudden think "let's build the best Intamin ride in the world" ?
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    What are your thoughts on sustained positive g’s/greying or blacking out?

    Once I went to Magic Mountain and started my day with Goliath. The helix left me with a strange feeling in one of my eyeball which lasted for the entire day. I don't know if it is normal, somewhat spoiled the day. Since then i'm very careful with positive g and try to find some ways to reduce...
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    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    RCDB says July 1st. Any one knows where they got this info ?
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    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Bombay Express | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2023?

    What would be considered the best themed coaster of the entire 6 flags chain actually?
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    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    Disappointed by the name. Not only is it lacking of originality but it will also be super confusing when talking about this one or the one in France. I guess my best hopes would be to see the French one change its name.
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    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

    Wait, you are saying that the government's view on lgbt people is not shared by the majority of the people. But you are then insisting on not comparing Poland to a dictatorship. Remind me who just elected again that president then, if not the majority ?
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    Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021

    It's a Wanda park though, means it's going to be pay per ride, what a pity.
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    Universal Studios Japan | Super Nintendo World | New land | 2021

    I have to say among all the theme worlds of Disney or Universal, this one is giving me the most bizarre sensation, my mind can't process this impressive video game simulation in the real life. I feel like I'm seeing the video game but hearing the real world. Scary.
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    The next major project to be announced/discovered ?

    Hey guys, Unlike the previous years which average at maybe one major announcement/discovery per month, for obvious reasons it's been a while there hasn't been any exciting project announcement/discovery for months. In fact there hasn't been any since the 15th of april which is the SFMM Jersey...
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    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    Do we have an estimation of how long that ride should be ?
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    Hong Kong Disneyland expansion 2018-2023

    This place already has an excellent mine train though. Hope it won't be too redundant.
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    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    You don't seriously think 3 trains are enough for IoA, do you ?
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    Dorney Park 2024

    Why ? Cedar point has had a 6 years gap between Maverick and Gatekeeper.
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    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    Little did I know ...
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    Regina at Tobu Zoo to be revived

    The problem of Regina is more it's layout than its shakiness to be fair (although it is a shaky ride, it's not a painful one). You can retrack as much as you want, if your drops don't do anythinkg, if you have almost no airtime and a useless Intamin signature giant helix, you will still have a...