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  1. Y. Kim

    Wholesale virtual queueing; what are your thoughts?

    Everland has implemented Smart Queueing system since COVID. Rides such as Lost Valley(grass-eating animal safari), Safari World and Panda World are only Virtual Queue. Pros: Prevents unnecessary open-running. When the park opens, Koreans tend to run to the popular rides, which is dangerous. And...
  2. Y. Kim

    Throughput Timings Thread

    Some local park stats Lotte World Seoul Atlantis (Theoretical 720 pph) 480 PPH (4 trains out of 6- 2 trains per 2 min) French Revolution (Theorical 840 PPH) 420 PPH (1 train ops- 4 min/dispatch) Everland T Express (Theorical 1,440 PPH) 1,080 PPH (3 Trains- 120s/train) Racing Coaster (Theorical...
  3. Y. Kim

    Rank Your Worst-Run Parks

    IDK why but some Korean parks makes us exercise before dispatching. But the only difference is on 1 train ops ride ops let us do while the station is empty, and 2 train ops we do "Arm stretch" and "Neck stretch" while ride ops pull down lap bar. Still they dispatch every 100~120 seconds. China's...
  4. Y. Kim

    Rank Your Worst-Run Parks

    I'd say E World Could you imagine a 8 minute dispatch for Vekoma Boomerang? I don't know the reason why, but they didn't let me pull down my OTSR for 4 minutes after I sit on a front seat. Look at these long line. It was written 30 min wait but ended up an hour wait. Other local parks are...
  5. Y. Kim

    Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?

    Nothing special, Just in my home park Giant Digger-》2 zen ride (rainy day, no one in the train. only me in the front and back seat.) I already had 20+ rides on that after 1 month of grand opening. That day was raining. The rain was so hurt to my face. I barely opened my eyes from start to...
  6. Y. Kim

    Do Inversions "do it" for you or is it meh?

    For me, I prefer inversions that also gives me a pop of airtime. Like Zero G Roll or the final roll of Blue Fire, I like inversion that tries to eject me out of the seat.
  7. Y. Kim

    Lotte World should add more coasters. 3 is not enough.

    Lotte World should add more coasters. 3 is not enough.
  8. Y. Kim

    Park with the most extreme quality gap?

    T Express - An airtime machine Rolling X Train - slow-operation head banger Arrow at Everland Huh
  9. Y. Kim

    Your most and least pleasurable theme park days

    Most Pleasurable Lotte World Busan new opening weekend (Apr.3.2022) As I had tons of expectations of new home park, I got to go there on the 5th day of park opening. As the reservation is required and limited capacity due to it, EVERY ride was a walk-on. So, new park plus walk on means the...
  10. Y. Kim

    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    Using the reservation-only day at my new home park, ONLY 5000 guests per day, 5 times - Giant Digger Apr. 3th 2022 (5 rides in just 45 minutes) May. 8th 2022 (5 rides in just 35 minutes) Sometimes, 20-seater trains waited for people to fill the seats. Usually, parks are empty in Sunday night...
  11. Y. Kim

    Lotte World Adventure Busan New Opening Weekend Visit and more

    This time, my 2nd visit to Lotte World Busan. Because it was one day before Children's day and there were many schools visiting this park, it was WAY TOO BUSY until 4. But guess what? I'd enjoy myself. Entered at noon. Oh My gosh. 160 min wait for Giant Swing... So, I headed to Giant...
  12. Y. Kim

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Recently, in Everland, Korea, a lion tried to broke glasses of a Safari World tram car. While lions are fighting to decide the rank, one male lion was pushed into a tram car, and tried to invade into the tram. The glasses were shattered, but the 2nd safety system, a film, protected the guests...
  13. Y. Kim

    Lotte World Adventure Busan New Opening Weekend Visit and more Now only available in Korean. Please use Chrome translation feature.
  14. Y. Kim

    Lotte World Adventure Busan New Opening Weekend Visit and more

    yep. Legacy ent leaked the plan. Originally, that coaster was to be made behind the castle, but it was delayed. RC restaurant is currently under construction. Admission is 1-day pass KRW 47,000 and After-4 KRW 33,000
  15. Y. Kim

    Favourite coaster inversions?

    A good finale to end a launch coaster. I also experienced that recently, and it floats me in the air roughly 3-4 seconds with the twisty and whippy feeling. Overall Blue Fire felt pretty whippy for me.
  16. Y. Kim

    Are you a "hands in the air" person or a "holding on tight" person when riding?

    Only if the ride is bearable while hands up. If the ride's launch is too quick, or if it has too tight transition, then hands on my lap. But on the 1st ride in my life on any coaster, I tend to hold tight and judge if it's okay to hands up.
  17. Y. Kim

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2018: Draken 2021: Valkyrie 2022: Giant Digger, Giant Splash
  18. Y. Kim

    Lotte World Adventure Busan New Opening Weekend Visit and more

    Found 2. Gemstone Dining's sign was also themed to a storyline of Underland. That dining place was storylined for the Underland's miners' eating place. Understanding the story line is very important to enjoy the theming. The axis of that swing ride looks like a gear. Actually that gear is...
  19. Y. Kim

    Lotte World Adventure Busan New Opening Weekend Visit and more

    After a 10-month delay and lots of rumor posts, Lotte World Busan has finally opened to public on Mar. 31th. Though reservation is required until Apr. 10th, I got to grab a ticket. But, due to my personal affair, I got to visit at night (6:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM park closing) Taking the metro from my...
  20. Y. Kim

    Lotte World Adventure | Busan - South Korea | Theme Park | 2022

    This park has OFFICIALLY OPENED in Mar.31th. Still, reservation is required until Apr. 10th Park tour footage I booked a ticket for today, so I'm excited as a local who saw it delayed for 10 months. I'll write trip report after the night visit here. Thank you.