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  1. Rob Coasters

    Coasters that made you feel nothing

    Not a coaster but Rush at Thorpe Park runs such an awfully short cycle, sometimes not even making it to full swing, that I get off still craving the adrenaline rush that the ride was supposed to fill. I wish I liked it more but that requires the ride to run a better cycle For actual coasters...
  2. Rob Coasters

    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    Update time... new additions in bold, italics are ones I completely forgot about when I made the original post 1) Stealth - 13 rides 2) Saw - The Ride - 11 rides 3) Dragons Fury - 10 rides =4) Rage - 9 rides =4) The Ride to Happiness - 9 rides =5) OzIris - 7 rides =5) Apocalypse - 7 rides =5)...
  3. Rob Coasters

    Your favourite rides to take a first time rider on?

    Damn, really wish I had more answers to this, seems like a great thread, but I managed to convince my mum that Dragon at Legoland was nothing but a dark ride, so it came to a pleasant surprise to her when the coaster section happened. Tame, but it's something! I know what will be great rides to...
  4. Rob Coasters

    Have you ever 'completed' a park?

    Don't think anything like this has been done before, but what parks have you either: -gotten significantly close to riding all of the attractions there at some point or -ridden ALL of the attractions there at some point? The first park for me where I achieved 100% completion of all rides was...
  5. Rob Coasters

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    That would 100% make perfect sense to do. I think it's because it's a very "we have nothing to hide here, just pure f***ing massive rollercoaster and nothing else" ride. No indoor section to speak of that might be hiding something wacky, no centerpiece gimmick, no doomer dark theme to it, this...
  6. Rob Coasters

    What is your favourite ride in each of these categories...

    Added some of my own cuzynot, marked with a * Thrill coaster with inversions: The Ride to Happiness Thrill coaster without inversions: Cu Chulainn (take that, tayto marketing team) Indoor coaster: Astro Storm (low bar I know) Family coaster: Cannonball Express Powered coaster: Rhombus Rocket...
  7. Rob Coasters

    Ride Related Dreams You've Had

    Pretty sure my mind is able to fully comprehend the whole concept of coasters now. Had two separate dreams over the past couple weeks where I rode The Ride To Happiness and Drayton's Shockwave in full from dispatch to brakes with no random layout deviations. They were in their respective parks...
  8. Rob Coasters

    Music that reminds you of Theme Parks

    This one from Enter Shikari very reminds me of The Ride to Happiness and I did this to myself. I discovered it the day before my visit, and long story short, I had it on repeat for the whole of my bus journeys in and out of town as I went to swap out my phone's memory card for a new one. By far...
  9. Rob Coasters

    New rides @ small parks

    Found some photos of the ride in its new home, no name reveal yet, due to open with a brand new golf course & mini train to accompany it. Very British colour scheme too, the future for the park looks great. Can't exactly pinpoint where in the park this is though? I'm guessing where the Endeavour...
  10. Rob Coasters

    New rides @ small parks

    Originally was going to be a 2020 opening but cancelled due to covid, parts of Turbulence (Star Shape formerly at Blackpool and Skyline Park) have been once again spotted at Fantasy Island. Mellors' Ice Mountain Coaster will also make a return for this year
  11. Rob Coasters

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Conny-Land extending Cobra's track in the wackiest possible way, most likely to increase the speed of the backwards portion
  12. Rob Coasters

    The best drop towers in world

    #1 Apocalypse (Stand Up With Floor) (Drayton Manor) - terrifying with a fantastic drop #2 Apocalypse (Stand Up Floorless) (Drayton Manor) - terrifying with a fantastic drop #3 Jolly Roger (Pleasurewood Hills) - top tier drop with a restraint gap, but if you're stapled then this can drop right to...
  13. Rob Coasters

    'Good' parks that you just don't vibe with

    Alton Towers springs to mind. Getting the major coasters crossed off on a busy day with a 5pm close IN JUNE gave me a bad taste, with Galactica trains being sent out half-empty because everyone wanted the VR seats but still developed a horrendous queue because the split-off point was so late...
  14. Rob Coasters

    Your most disproportionately long wait for a ride?

    75 minutes for Buffalo & Troublesome Trucks in the same day, October 2020 60 for Ice Mountain, January 2023 40 for Zooom!, August 2022 30 for Duplo Dino Coaster, December 2021
  15. Rob Coasters

    YAY Merlin!

    While I'm obviously happy this is happening... this took a very long time to do consdering when the attractions closed? Some SBNO eyesores that took a (half a) decade to get rid of, seemingly all put away effortlessly in a couple months. What took them so long? And they've still got Slammer...
  16. Rob Coasters

    New rides @ small parks

    Not sure what source Duane has but Dreamland Margate's new coaster is being listed as ex-Cliffhanger from Blackgang Chine: Nice to see the park expanding after its massive loss of short-lived Zamperlas over 2020.
  17. Rob Coasters

    Blackgang Chine To Close Cliffhanger Coaster

    Something interesting to note is that the ride isn't on Cliffhanger's footprint, will be interesting to see what will go in the coaster's spot.
  18. Rob Coasters

    Drop towers or shot towers?

    Drop tower pros -powerful drop -suspenseful rise Drop tower cons -they often wait around a little too long at the top to the point where I catch myself thinking "just get on with it", especially on something like Hangover. this isn't a fear of heights thing, I just want to drop Shot tower pros...
  19. Rob Coasters

    What is your favorite vekoma?

    #1 Goudurix - so intense #2 Kumali - first drop positives are great #3 Velocity - funny motorbike seating #4 Odyssey - repetitive but great fun #5 Infusion - intense & cool location but rough finale #6 Flight of the Pterosaur - cool minimalistic restraints, first drop > final helix #7 Millennium...
  20. Rob Coasters

    Is your home park doing well?

    Babylon Park, errr