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  1. Snoo

    What is keeping you on forums in the social media age?

    As we've pivoted with technology, my use of forums specifically has waned as we've seen other things come up. It helps that I have a podcast and a coaster club that have a community, which we've based around Discord as well as other social media as well. In short, it's an old tech that I don't...
  2. Snoo

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Agreed. While I LOVE Pretzel loops (came out coughing on Tatsu's.. which made me SO happy).. the speed through the wingovers and barrel rolls were great.
  3. Snoo

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Missed that part where I had to actually ride something to have an opinion. ;) Having seen enough POV's and experiences from friends, I have a feeling that my number 2 coaster probably won't be overridden by Taron. I'll be happily surprised if it does but many of those who have Taron in high...
  4. Snoo

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Agreed with Behemoth and Velocicoaster.
  5. Snoo

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Went to Knotts and SFMM last weekend and had an absolute blast! Didn't miss any coasters I wanted and had ERT on the fun ones! That side, some rides moved back up or established themselves! 1 Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point 2 Jurassic World Velocicoaster - Islands of Adventure 3 Voyage - Holiday...
  6. Snoo

    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    2. Taiga 1. Taron 4. Skyrush 3. Untamed 5. Helix 6. Oz'Iris 7. Balder 3. Untamed 8. Lost Gravity 10. Phoenix (Knoebels) 9. Der Schwur des Kärnan Not a lot here. I've only been on a few of these but still know the love for some.
  7. Snoo

    Milestones in Your Counts

    100! The milestone! Congrats!
  8. Snoo

    What makes your #1 better than your #2?

    1a. Steel Vengeance to 1b. Velocicoaster You can't get much closer between these two. I think the AMOUNT of airtime helps Steve win.. but that upside down ejector is TOUGH to top.
  9. Snoo

    20 years of CF-Lives - Your favorite memories!

    Let's hear em! We've been at this for a few minutes, I want to hear what you've enjoyed, which event was your fondest, what ride did you love the most, etc! I'll post mine later as I'm working but I think a worth pinned topic @Ian! :)
  10. Snoo

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    1 Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point 2 Jurassic World Velocicoaster - Islands of Adventure 3 Voyage - Holiday World 4 Hyperion - Energylandia 5 Iron Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa 6 Fury 325 - Carowinds 7 Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 8 Zadra - Energylandia 9 Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion 10 Goliath...
  11. Snoo

    CF Lives 2023... and beyond

    I would agree on basically every point my boy Mouse has said. My viewpoint is definitely different as I've been on the team, off the team, and back on as well as organizing Lives for nearly 15 years. I've had very candid conversations with Ian, Jerry, and many folks over the years about the...
  12. Snoo

    What has been your most successful year as an enthusiast?

    Two years really made waves: 2007: 68 creds 2022: 78 creds 2022 was the most I've travelled in my entire life, with 6 different major trips, including a 2 week long adventure in Europe.
  13. Snoo

    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    That queue was BAD. Glad I had fast past and could avoid it for the most part.
  14. Snoo

    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    Helix and Karnan. Just existed tbh.
  15. Snoo

    CF Lives 2023... and beyond

    Shame to see what has happened over the last few years. Same with Marc.. going to my first Live in 2006.. it's shaped a lot of my coaster fandom today meeting up with some of my still life long friends. My involvement has waned heavily due to my own projects in the last few years but if we did...
  16. Snoo

    The Staff v. User counting game!

  17. Snoo

    Your year in review - 2022 edition

    - Coaster count at start of 2022: 436 - Coaster count at end of 2022: 515 - New coasters ridden in 2022: 79 - New parks visited in 2022: 14 - Park visits (number of days) in 2022: 34 - Best new-to-you coaster: Hyperion (#4) - Best new-to-you non-coaster: Batman - The Ride | SFOG (unranked to...
  18. Snoo

    IAAPA 2022

    Last year was certainly not our first go around but was a good show none-the-less.
  19. Snoo

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Got down to SFFT and SWSA this past weekend and snagged some creds. Same rides, amazing weekend short of 5 more creds, the only highlights being Wonder Woman and Iron Rattler. Wonder Woman was a big disappointment but Iron Rattler was incredible! Shot up my rankings for sure with probably the...