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    Thorpe Park BOGOF

    Guys! Am in need of a bogof voucher or two for Thorpe Park..... I thought Tesco and WH Smith were doing them but it turns out they aren't...... any ideas where I can get some from? Any help would be greatly appreciated! x
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    Bit of Help please!- Parks in Florida

    I'm currently in Florida... been rocking out in Miami, smashing the Americans at cash games in the casinos and spending money in the evenings like it's going out of fashion..... Anyway, whilst I'm here I plan to visit Busch Gardens and possibly Universal Studios (when in Rome and all that....)...
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    Thorpe Park! No photos I'm afraid....

    Just to add a bit of variety to this forum here's yet ANOTHER Thorpe trip report! Me and my mate Nick fancied a heavy night somewhere and after minimal though decided central London was the answer.... we booked ourselves into a youth hostel in the Bayswater area (£6 for the night- can't go...
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    Fantasy Football league 2011

    Now then, Not sure if there is one of these running for us coaster loving folk on here, if there is please call me a **** and delete this topic, but if there isn't come on in and sign up! Basically, for those of you who don't know, fantasy football is basically a season long 'game'...
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    Is 13 open at Alton Towers at the moment? I read somewhere that it was shut earlier this month.... am meant to be going on Tuesday and would like to know! Anyone been over the last few days that can let me know?
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    It's getting on my tits how much people bum Nandos.... the portions are terrible the food is totally basic and it is soooooo overpriced. £7 for a pita bread with a small morsel of chicken in it served with a tiny ramekin of mash? **** off. I'll admit the food does taste nice.... but it's...
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    Frankie Boyle, Comedy genius or Rude, ignorant idiot?

    Firstly, I had a really witty title for this topic made up but you can only put a certain amount letters in the title which ****ing ruined my plans. I would like to please raise this complaint with the CoasterForce management team, thank you. Now then, Before you answer this I implore you...
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    hI gUYS. Which of these coasters is better?" the flying fish at thorpe park, OR the STINGER at Paultons park?! I'm very excited to find out your opinions!!!
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    Liphook, your thoughts?

    Oh hi guys! Just thought I'd drop a quick post to see what your thoughts on Liphook are?! I personally think it's a cracking little place..... what are your opinions???
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    The good old topic where people have massive arguments and get to be nosy about other peoples orientations! I can't remember how long its been since we had one of these..... so here we are! Are you Straight? Gay? Bi? Confused? _____________ Despite a certain 'catchphrase' that seems to...
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    The Police

    Yes... The Police, Her Majesty's force, The Old Bill, The bacon squad, The filth.... what have you. What do you think of them? Do you respect them? Do you hate them? I used to like them, I used to respect them.... and in some circumstances I still do, they are just people and they are just...