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  1. LiveForTheLaunch

    Marineland of Canada (may) be closing/sold

    If I don't end up getting Dragon Mountain after having been to Niagara Falls a dozen times in my life, that would be very spiteful but totally my own fault. It has potential and a lot of land I believe, so I hope they can make it into something nicer. Canada could use more parks, but it's close...
  2. LiveForTheLaunch

    20 years of CF-Lives - Your favorite memories!

    I'll probably have time in the coming days but a few things that come to mind from some of the older lives: - Everyone being in on Hixee being deaf, and my stupid ass falling for it for the better part of 24 hours. It's a story I still tell to this day when I tell people I'm gullible. - Also...
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    "Now Showing"

    I watched Whiplash the other day and holy crap, how had I not heard of this film? Nothing really groundbreaking happened in it, but I could not stop myself from being tense throughout the entire thing. I love people who are passionate about what they do and I loved seeing how the main character...
  4. LiveForTheLaunch

    Highest Math Class you have taken

    Never touched math after grade 12. It was nothing I ever needed for nursing, and it was nothing I needed for my career. So yeah, I guess grade 12 advanced functions, data management, and physics would be it for me.
  5. LiveForTheLaunch

    What makes your #1 better than your #2?

    #1- Eejanaika #2- Steel Vengeance Steel Vengeance is such a perfect coaster in terms of having almost every element that I hold in high regard, but nothing on that coaster is unique in that I hadn't experienced any of the sensations many times before. What it does so well is that it combines...
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    CF Lives 2023... and beyond

    Even though I don't post as much anymore, this is definitely sad to read because CF Lives use to be the highlight of my summers in my teens and early twenties, and were certainly an integral part in becoming passionate in the things I became passionate for, so thanks to everyone who has...
  7. LiveForTheLaunch

    What has been your most successful year as an enthusiast?

    For me it probably would have been 2010 because of the two lengthy American lives and the fact that I hadn't been to a lot of the parks that we went to, and then 2016 because I did a month and a half of traveling for both creds and culture. The last few years have really sucked, and I've been...
  8. LiveForTheLaunch

    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    I'm still so bitter about Helix. Everyone had me so hyped about it and I don't even think it would land anywhere in my top 30. I also hated the queue area.
  9. LiveForTheLaunch

    Best indoor roller coaster in Orlando?

    I haven't been on Gringotts or Guardians, but I actually adore Revenge of the Mummy and I believe it's in my top fifteen, so I'll go with that.
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    Your year in review - 2022 edition

    I didn't get to do much in 2022, but 2023 will definitely be a different story! - Coaster count at start of 2022: 565 - Coaster count at end of 2022: 584 - New coasters ridden in 2022: 19. Weak! - New parks visited in 2022: Magic Mountain, although I consider Knotts about half new since I...
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    "Now Showing"

    Matilda: the Musical (film). I was really disappointed in this, actually. I grew up loving the original, although I know it's the one that strays the most from the novel. I watched the Musical in London and I though that was a lot of fun as well, albeit not as good as the 1996 movie. I just...
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    "Now Showing"

    Falling for Christmas. I wanted to watch a cheesy Christmas movie but this was beyond bad and the characters sucked so bad. 2
  13. LiveForTheLaunch

    Strongest coaster theming in the UK?

    I was actually having this very discussion with my boyfriend yesterday, and how I feel like the entire vibe of Alton Towers is elite. When I went, it was an overcast fall day which really helped things, but the ambiance around the area Oblivion is set in as well as the mist was quite elite...
  14. LiveForTheLaunch

    Fury 325 vs Intimidator 305

    Fury by a MILE. Graceful, doesn't try to rip my skin off with positive Gs, and just has a more diverse layout.
  15. LiveForTheLaunch

    Do Inversions "do it" for you or is it meh?

    If it's a complement to an awesome coaster, I don't mind them. Inversions just can't be the focal point for me anymore.
  16. LiveForTheLaunch

    Expedition Everest vs Revenge of the Mummy

    i actually love ROTM, it's one of the most underrated coasters in the coaster universe! I think if I were to actually sit and formulate a top twenty, it would be sitting firmly in it. Expedition Everest is awesome too, but didn't pleasantly surprise me because it did what I expected it to do...
  17. LiveForTheLaunch


    Sunday May 1st- Knotts Berry Farm We had anticipated getting to the park closer to 10:00 despite the 9:00 opening because we had Fast Lane and there's not that much to do at Knotts, but I had trouble sleeping in the morning so I just got up and showered anyway for an earlier than planned...
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    Saturday April 30th After a pretty decent sleep and having fought off any jet lag (I always get it so much worse going over to the west coast compared with anywhere else I’ve ever been), we had a morning that was up in the air in terms of plans so we opted to go to Griffith Park Observatory...
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    Your worst spite

    Yeah I have no doubt it is because apart from Xcelerator, which was also shut, the only objectively "good" thing in the park is Hangtime, and even that would be considered mid-tier in a lineup at a better park. Luckily their log flume is awesome and the park is well kept, because there's not...
  20. LiveForTheLaunch

    Your worst spite

    Two times at Knotts, now two times without Ghostrider. So that was pretty spiteful, but what hurt even more is that we had already bought Fast Lanes and Xcelerator was closed as well. Then Disney spited when we couldn't even do that as a back up plan!