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    Most people fall into one of two categories: morning or evening showerers. So, generally, do you like a shower/bath to wake you up in the morning, or do you prefer a relaxing one in the evening.
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    Florida Park Tickets

    Tickets for attractions in Florida come in so many different combinations and prices, I was wondering if anyone had any tips, or new of any hidden deals for the best combinations to get. I want all the parks (inc. BGT) and waterparks, and I'll be there for two weeks. Thanks.
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    Herrbourne Park

    I'm not sure this even counts as a teaser, but here's a small glimpse of my new project...
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    Operating system

    I recently upgraded to windows 7 and was wondering if RCT3 would work. A quick google search produced mixed results, so I thought I'd ask here. Anyone on here managed to get the game working on windows 7? EDIT: Not sure why I started a new topic rather than just asking in the help topic...
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    So, I finally got on SAW...

    It was **** I'll get onto that later. First the report. So, we arrived at Thorpe at half nine (opening time) and were greeted with no queue to get in. It was looking good, nice and empty. First stop was Inferno, and we managed to get walk on to the front row. I also think I saw Mushroom...
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    How long do you keep your ava/sig sets?

    I was wondering how long people on here tend to keep the same sig/ava sets. I get bored of having the same set for long periods of time, but I understand that it is confusing if people are constantly changing them. So how long do you keep yours for?
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    Unnamed park - My first park!

    Ok, so this is my first attempt at actually making a park properly. I’ve never had the patience before to complete a park from scratch, but hopefully this time I’ll be able to go through with it. I can’t think of a name for the park yet, I’m not very good at thinking up names for things. Any...
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    Chessington opening day

    First day of the main season at Chessington today, and since tomorrow is my birthday, I was there. Anyway, arrived at about 10:10, got in at around half past, and went to Vampire, where the queue hadn't been opened. They couldn't tell us what was wrong, or why we had to wait, but at about...