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  1. GregBoxall

    Legoland Windsor | LEGO Mythica | Flying Theatre

    It looks like the recent planning application for the redevelopment of Adventure Land has been approved. The new Lego Movie area is set to include the UK's first flying theatre, two family drop towers, a new children's play area and the re-theme of squid surfers. Although it won't come close to...
  2. GregBoxall

    Thorpe Park Updates

    Sorry if this thead already exists but I can't find another one anywhere! This may be a long post... We visited Thorpe briefly this afternoon as we we're in the area. Due the the crowds the only ride we go on was Rumba, but we did have an interesting chat with an engineer about a few things...
  3. GregBoxall

    TTD and Stealth closures

    Was wondering if anyone had any information on the closure of both Stealth and Top Thrill Dragster. Both have been down for a while, presumably due to maintenance issues. Bit of a coincidence that two Intamin launch coasters would close at the same time for multiple weeks...
  4. GregBoxall

    B&M Station Clicking

    Evening everyone! When certain B&M coasters move in or out of the station there's a distinct clicking noise. It looks like there's 4 plates the coaster passes over as it moves along. I'm guessing its some kind of sensor, just curious which one. Thanks! The noise can be heard from 2:18 in this...