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  1. shaunthatkid

    Rank Intamin Blitz coasters

    A list to rank just Intamin blitz (LSM) Coasters, but also im a bit confused, is red force a blitz coaster? My list 1. Taron 2. Nefeskesen 3. Ispeed 4. Red force
  2. shaunthatkid

    Rollercoasters which are too intense?

    Have you ever rode a rollercoaster which was so intense it was painful and uncomfortable, i dont mean by it being shaky and causing head banging etc, i mean when the force actually start to hurt? The only one i can think of (that ive been on) is Tornado at Bakken. Any others?
  3. shaunthatkid

    Digging at pleasureland

    Hello all, recently I happened to notice digging to taking place at the site of the old go kart track, they have extended the fences around this and could be getting a new ride or some sought of attraction I'll bring updates and pictures. Thanks Shaun.
  4. shaunthatkid

    supports at southport pleasureland

    I recently spotted supports on the pleasure land site, i originally thought they are from the traumatizer but im beginning to doubt it do any of you know what they are?
  5. shaunthatkid

    Info on Harry G Traver

    The builder of the so called back breakers rmc's of the early 1900s, Building famous coasters from the Belle Vue Bobs to the Crystal Beach Cyclone, I would like to know abit about his less known creations and how he got his ideas. Any info on any ride (even some more obscure ones on the ones...
  6. shaunthatkid

    Rank the Uk's Inverts

    I will also let you include former coasters as well! 1. Nemesis 2. Kumali 3. Nemesis Inferno 4. Odyssey 5. Infusion 6 Tsunami (Never rode) Finally we saved the best till last! 7. Queen bee! If i have missed one Please say it. Include your list.
  7. shaunthatkid

    Roll back, The big one

    This might require some maths or not, what is the maximum wind speed the big one can operate safely at without a potential rollback? Since on Saturday night there where high winds from the SW which significantly slowed the train down on the return and the turn around. In the station we got told...
  8. shaunthatkid

    Unknown ride cars on the right of valhalla.

    Look i know this is different and miht be crazy but when you go on ice blast you can see trains (Steel ones) behind a cover they could only be for two coasters i think: Big one or Rev personally new trains would be great on both maybe for rev trains like python at efteling and for the big one...
  9. shaunthatkid

    the best Rollercoaster in every (Kind of Major) Uk parks.

    what is the best coaster at every major park in the uk? Well here is my list tell me yours. Bpb= Icon Alton towers= Smiler Thorpe= Swarm Flamingo Land= Kumali Fantasy island= Millennium Lightwater valley= the Ultimate Drayton Manor= Shockwave Chessington= Vampire Brean= Astro storm Oakwood=...
  10. shaunthatkid

    Dutch Coaster tour! (Efteling)

    This first thread is for the ranking and the reviews of the rides and photos will be in the comments Efteling 9/10 Wow, just wow the theming here is Disney level and is above of the likes phantasia and Portaventura, what a brilliant park, it was busy but the single rider queue worked well, as...
  11. shaunthatkid

    The best Rollercoaster soundtrack?

    Which roller coaster has the best soundtrack? List them for me its oblivion.
  12. shaunthatkid

    The most sad roller coaster demolitions

    Alot of classics of gone over the years like BBW and dragon challenge but for me old woodies always make sad seeing them disapper as it always brings me back to cyclone being demolished this video brings me to tears! but also more woodies like the one in Williams grove in usa but at least the...
  13. shaunthatkid

    An Irish fun fair Run by kids?

    so recently i took a trip Ireland and took a DART train to a place called Bray without realising i saw a fun fair at the front and all was normal intill i took a closer look and saw where they would exchange money for tokens and there where 7 or 8 year old girls sitting in the booth by there...
  14. shaunthatkid

    A Rollercoaster at Haigh hall?

    I know this is weird and probably wont get a response but i have strong memory of a wacky worm at Haigh hall (near Wigan) im just wondering does anybody else remember this it is not a rollercoaster park but had a very small fair. (been replaced with a zipwire course).
  15. shaunthatkid

    Coaster Count needs to rethink what a roller coaster is.

    I have been looking at the coaster count website and found something which 100% is not a rollercoaster .Yes that's Right do you guys agree this thing is not a credit! so i hope this is okay move this if you think this not in the right thread and if your wondering what this is. it is RidgeRider...
  16. shaunthatkid

    Whats next for Southport Pleasureland?

    Southport pleasureland needs a new coaster so badly and a pinfari aint doing the trick as your key coaster. Southport pleasureland used to well not major park but not small having ride cyclone woodie, and a new vekoma slc (traumatizer now infusion at blackpool) i would like them to get a small...