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    Okay, I know I don't get on here much, but I really need some help. In tech class (shop class), our assignment is to build a flat ride out of wood, pulleys, motors, etc. Anybody got any simple yet unique rides I could build?
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    Sticks or Twists

    If you ever eat pretxel's, which do you prefer? The sticks, or the twists?
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    "RiverRush" Dollywood-Coming 2013

    Dollywood is getting a new watercoaster! (Tennesee's first) CILCKY So what do you think? (If this should be in Ride Construction, just move it please :) )
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    Positive and Negative G's

    What's the record for highest positive G and lowest negative G?
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    Best Coaster Manufacturer

    I have to say Intamin, but the new Macks look amazing but I've never ridden one. What do you guys think?
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    Apollo's Chariot

    Hey guys, I'm doind a science project on Apollo's Chariot, and I'm just windering if anybody has any information on the structure science of roller coasters, or any good little known facts about Apollo's Chariot. Thanks
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    Is there any way I would be able to get from Chicago to SFGA, without renting a car within and hour or two?
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    New Wizarding World of Harry Potter coming to USJ

    Apparently Universal Studios Japan is getting a Harry Potter Section in 2014: Clicky Supposedly opening before USH as it is on vacant land. Intrested to see what's in store. Thoughts?
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    Florida 2012: Busch Pt. 2 and a VILE contraption!

    So I got back from Florida about a week ago, and took some pics while I was there, and decided to make into a trip report. I'm still in the process of uploading the pictures onto my computer, so for now, I'll give you a "schedule" of sorts. Day 1 Driving from Moncton, NB (home) to Bangor,ME to...
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    Missing You...

    Which defunct ride do you want back the most? Me, Jaws.
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    Josh's Movie Competition!

    Yeah, I know. My last comp was horrible. I get, but basketball is over know, so I have the time to run one! So here it is: Movie World is looking for a new roller-coaster. Smooth, Cutting Edge, Fast-Paced, this ride has to be a thrill-seekers dream. Problem is, that MovieWorld only has a 30x50...
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    Why is there a giant 76 on the front of Coney Island's Cyclone? Clicky for photo
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    Copycat topic (Josh's dev topic) [EUROFIGHTER UPDATE] P.3

    Seeing as reddude has started a brilliant trend, I figured that I might as well make my own topic for upcoming projects. All right, so right now I have a traditional corkscrew (with lots of foliage and scenery), a sci-fi themed wild-mouse, and a medival Maverick-esque launcher. The corkscrew...
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    Custon Scenery

    Anybody know any good dark ride ans sci-fi sets? Pumpers Dark ride set does not have an active download, so please don't mention that. P.S Haven't been around here in a while, what's new?
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    Silver Star

    What's wring with Silver Star? Why does everyone hate it?
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    The Hulk Paint Colour

    When I went to IOA, I went two days: 1 and 1/2 days for IAO, and 1/2 a day for Universal. The first day I wnet to IOA, the track at this point: (and the loop directly after) Was white. When I came back the next day, it was green again. Thoughts on why this...
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    Inclined Loops

    Do you consider them as an inversion?
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    Vista (and windows 7) fix

    If you have Vista and can't make billboards, do this tutorial. I did and it really works. I know it seems a little sketchy, but it really does work. MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IN EVERYTHING CORRECTLY And don't put "Ross Patrick, put your user.
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    Last letter, new word

    Simple: make a new word with the last letter of the previous word. First word: Pineapple
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    The New Element Thread

    Has anybody ever wanted to create a new element? I have, so I did. I am wondering if anybody has ever seen anything like this: It's basically a Sea Serpent, that turns into a Bating, that turns into a Cobra Roll.It goes in and comes out exactly the same as a Batwing, but it is more then that...