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  1. Libby_Liz

    Monster-Raving Goony Party: Skara.

    Which would you pick - chaos pendle or waltzers 😂
  2. Libby_Liz

    Monster-Raving Goony Party: Skara.

    Pretty sure I had a nappy nap while the dolphins and birds went flippy flap.... ERT on Wildfire was just incredible, I have so much love for it. That stall 😍
  3. Libby_Liz

    Monster-Raving Goony Party: Skara.

    😂 The fear was so real!!
  4. Libby_Liz

    Monster-Raving Goony Party: Skara.

    The fact that I didn't hate Insane (even if my face suggests otherwise!) is still causing an existential crisis. 😆
  5. Libby_Liz

    What is your mentality towards riding kiddie coasters?

    You need to join us over here and we'll show you real shame!
  6. Libby_Liz

    What is your mentality towards riding kiddie coasters?

    I probably wouldn't ride one alone, but look how fun they are! Shame? What shame? 😆 Edit: Just seen your post @Howie, some content here for you for use against @DelPiero!
  7. Libby_Liz

    Pancake Day/Mardi Gras

    FFS, yes 😂 That will be the wino in me shining through. I knew it was wrong as I was typing too which is the stupid thing...
  8. Libby_Liz

    Pancake Day/Mardi Gras

    Pretty much, at least traditionally. Topped with lemon and sugar was the big thing when I was growing up but toppings are a bit more elaborate now. Mardi Gras for work sounds like it could be risky, especially if its on the company credit card 😂 I love pancakes, just never make them. I'm...
  9. Libby_Liz

    CF Lives 2022 - What's Happening

    Hoping to make it to my first GhosterForce 🤞 I don't think I can make any of the others but certainly interested in Mingo.
  10. Libby_Liz

    Your Earliest Theme Park Memory

    Most of my early memories of rides are from trips to Clarence Pier with my grandparents (I later learned that they met there), West Mids Safari Park and various Butlins holidays with my dad. I was always the one pushing to go to places with any form of ride, I wasn't picky really and I was...
  11. Libby_Liz

    Your year in review - 2021 edition

    I *potentially* saved your life, there should be no trauma, only gratitude 😉😂
  12. Libby_Liz

    Your year in review - 2021 edition

    I couldn’t handle filling this in on my phone so as I’ve *finally* turned my laptop on today I thought I’d add to it. 2021 was pretty brilliant and I’m really grateful for the trips we got to do. Although most of them involved naff parks and questionable creds we all had such a good time it...
  13. Libby_Liz

    GF2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Trip Reports

    Great photos as ever, hope you feel better soon.
  14. Libby_Liz

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster? (UK's tallest coaster) | 2023/2024

    I was going to say that this has grown on me...but if this was the case then absolutely not 🤮
  15. Libby_Liz

    Parks you've done that were difficult to get to

    Yes this! It is a right pain to get to and not overly worth the effort. Schwaben Park is a mission too but at least the drive is pretty.
  16. Libby_Liz

    Are ‘alpine coasters’ a bit ****?

    That looks fab in the snow! I've done quite a few in both the US and Europe and really enjoy them. They can be really fun, not the biggest thrill but certainly worth doing - I'll always go out of my way to do them. Totally rerideable and a bit terrifying at night. I'd love to see more in the...
  17. Libby_Liz

    Ice rooms in theme parks

    That looks incredible! Onto the list it goes.
  18. Libby_Liz

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    We were there today and loitered around for a good few hours after lunch watching the tracks being checked and what not. They eventually started sending trains around 2ish I think and opened up just before 3 and we were on about the 4th or 5th train maybe - the queue was reasonably long but not...
  19. Libby_Liz

    Milestones in Your Counts

    I'm new to this game too... #50 Crazy Mine - Hansa Park (painful) #100 Grand National - Blackpool (made my knuckles bleed) #150 Goats on the roof - Pigeon Forge (no pain involved!) Currently on 173 and trying to get to 200 by the end of the year.