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  1. Chris Brown

    Potential addition of rides / themepark to Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

    This rumour should be taken with a large pinch of salt as I dont have anything other than word to back it up but I have reason to believe that the Harry Potter Studio Tour is looking to expand its offering by incorporating rides and / or a themepark section in the near future. Apparently there...
  2. Chris Brown

    What is the UK's most Iconic piece of themeing / themed area?

    This links to question I often think about, in what area do you feel the most immersed? There are alot of areas which I love, Amity @ Thorpe. Forbidden Valley @ Alton but weirdly this little spot here always satisfies me the most; I think its the interaction with Vampire, the themed...
  3. Chris Brown

    Unknown rides outside of parks.

    So this post is kinda inspired by someone on reddit who posted about the water ride in the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston TX, see below link... So it turns out theres a pretty cool looking ride that I had no idea existed, I love stuff like this, be it a themed area or random ride where you'd...
  4. Chris Brown

    CANCELLED - Unfinnished Business | FINLAND |24th - 26th Jul 2020

    Finland 24th – 26th July 2020 I’d love to start the topic with a witty prologue discussing Finland and all its famous for, but I cant. Flat pack furniture? No, that’s its blonder, better looking, neighbour. Abba? No, that’s also its neighbour. I’ve scraped the barrel and all I can find is that...
  5. Chris Brown

    Does Taron have an ORP

    Ridden the thing multiple times but can’t for the life of me remember seeing one! Does it have one? If not why not?
  6. Chris Brown

    New park for Israel

    Not seen this anywhere, but looks like Israel is planning a big destination park, Plaim Park (or Park of Wonders) is planned for Dimona, a southern town in the Negev desert. Initially, the park will cover 25 hectares featuring 16 major rides across five “worlds” – Oasis, World of Spirits...
  7. Chris Brown

    The Worlds Most Debatable Creds!

    So i thought i'd get a little thread going with all the debatable creds you've seen, ridden or heard about... First up we've got this! I dont think this is a cred personally but realistically if it isn't, then what is it?!
  8. Chris Brown

    CF at the Polls

    No need to comment just select the party that you have voted for! If you arent eligible to vote then just select who you would have :) I'll post my vote when a few people have already completed the poll.
  9. Chris Brown

    Rides spoiled by trim brakes.

    What rides out there have been spoiled by these cheeky buggers preventing what would be some awesome airtime or luscious laterals? Obvious answer from me is Thirteen at Alton Towers, the first drop is completely ruined by the heavy trims and without these the woodland race section would be much...
  10. Chris Brown

    Paultons Park 2018 - Little Africa

    Well this came as a bit of a surprise as Id not heard or seen anything regarding possible new areas for Paultons but turns out they are well underway with one that'll be opening in 2018. Whilst I don't think there are any creds planned (I literally have no idea what is actually planned bar the...
  11. Chris Brown

    Top 10 rides you'd most like to ride again.

    Now, most will likely look at this topic and think 'Pah, thats just my top 10 what a mong' but for me, these too are very different things. I think location and accessibility can definitely play a part and also the amount of re rides you managed to get on the day. So anyway may be a bit of a duf...
  12. Chris Brown

    Why is Holiday Park so odd?

    Why does Holiday Park in Germany only have 2 creds? It attracts over 1 million visitors annually. It has one of the highest ranking coasters in the world. Its owned by Plopsa so the potential for investment is there. It has the infrastructure to be a big park. It removed the wild mouse coaster...
  13. Chris Brown

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

  14. Chris Brown

    Rides with misleading names...

    Browsing RCDB I do love finding stupidly inappropriate names for creds, whether that be names exaggerating the intensity of the ride or just being downright misleading or over extravagant. A few examples; Lightning Train @ Pyeonghwa Land 'Wow lightning train? This is going to be lightning...
  15. Chris Brown

    Whats your favorite Merlin Park?

    So, simple one really, whats your favorite Merlin Park? I've listed the poll options based on number of creds at the park. Ive visited Alton, Thorpe, Chessie, Legoland Windsor and Gardaland so am only really missing Heide from the big parks. I must say from a distance Heide probably looks...
  16. Chris Brown

    Wiener Prater New Cred

    So RCDB have confirmed a new cred for 2017 at Wiener Prater in Vienna, although no details have been released yet could we be looking at something decent? Just thinking they had Olympia Looping for a bit and would have likely seen an increase of visitors over this...
  17. Chris Brown

    Favourite Viral Videos

    Simple thread, share your favourite videos from the web! Cute kid doesn't approve of the monkeys at the drive through safari... Kid finds one of his mums 'toys'
  18. Chris Brown

    Park Opening Times.

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach recently had an email survey and one of the questions asked if guests would be open to a possible change in opening hours, they wanted feedback as to whether customers would approve or disapprove a change to 12pm - 9pm opening time. I firmly believe a shift to the 12 -...
  19. Chris Brown

    Parks with the BEST coasters?

    Ok I know this is kinda vague, but we know parks like mingo and Europa have the most creds but what parks have the best quality creds? Take your top 20 and see which park features the most! Mines liseberg! Helix, Balder and lisebergbanan are all top 10 coasters for me (yes I know I'm basic)...
  20. Chris Brown

    Do you wanna know what really grinds my gears?

    Why, in this day and age, do parks still think its acceptable, after spending god knows how much money, to use the manufacturers standard ride name?! How boring do you have to be to buy a new Zamperla Air Race and then go and call it Air Race, the same **** name as every other...