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    Storyville Gardens theme park coming to Nashville, Tennessee Interesting. The concept art for that ride is already a step beyond London resort. It actually has a ride type and it's realistic not some vague swirly image from a lunatics dream. They also posted some entrance art a while back.
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    Suzhou Amusement Park To Close And Relocate

    The parallels with the video i posted in the Old Coasters thread earlier today are amazing The Trackon the SLC helix and the track on the loop (And lift hill) on the Looper are both covered in vines Reminds me of the famous images of Aska in Japan as well Sad to see but at the same time...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Check out this great drone video of the abandoned Arrow/Vekoma Coaster Crazy Roller Coaster at Nanhu Park in China. This unique ride was initially constructed by Arrow but was left incomplete when the company went bankrupt. Vekoma then stepped up to complete the ride in 1986. The ride ran for...
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    Legoland Deutschland | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    Except if the guy who took a photo of the green track is right then it's the wrong track code for Chessington. As he didn't take a picture of the code then it's hard to actually tell.
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    Wooden Coaster Figure 8.....The Grand Pier Weston Super Mare

    Here's the ride when it was down in Brighton after Weston Super Mare. Shows the ride layout in more detail than the video ever could.
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    Alabama Adventure | Cheddar Chase | L&T Systems Wild Mouse | 2022

    Americans and their strangely out of date incorrect stereotypes go together like well Americans and guns I suppose. 🤣 Britain and in-fact quite a good chunk of western Europe have better dental hygiene than the USA. What the USA leads the way on is teeth whitening and straightening which is...
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    Most Used Words In Roller Coaster Names

    decided to run through the same thing but with park names just for a laugh. Full Image Heres the table Here you go
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    Fuji-Q | Unknown | Intamin Multi-Launch Motorbike? | 2023

    Very good spot. If its not Intamin though who would it be? I do enjoy a good mystery. Its now almost as good as the Warner Brothers Madrid coaster.
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    Fuji-Q | Unknown | Intamin Multi-Launch Motorbike? | 2023

    That image is very odd. But notice how the "spine" for most of that is dead straight. It almost seems they are just using a support as a makeshift spine. The kink at the top youve circled could be the next section of this support structure? Edit: Why would you if its cheaper not to i guess...
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    Most Used Words In Roller Coaster Names

    63 rides have had Squirrel in their name. Every single one has been in China. 1 has changed its name from Screamin Squirrel to Man O War Now you know 😂
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    Most Used Words In Roller Coaster Names

    I got bored again and bored me usually leads to something dumb. Here is a word cloud of every single word in every single coaster name on the RCDB. The full zoomable and scrollable image can be seen here (it was WAY too big to upload here) I have removed the word "Unknown" from the cloud...
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    Merlin's 10 Coaster Deal with B&M?

    Vekoma struck a 45 coaster deal not that long ago. Admitedly they only delivered 21 before the pandemic banjaxed the rest but big deals do happen. The issue i think recently for B&M has been the huge slowdown in the Chinese market. Parks are still going in but at a much slower rate and alot of...
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    If its WI-S then it is not for Chessington as it was shown a few pages ago that Chessington is WI-R Could be for Legoland in Germany perhaps?
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Always love it when a park does this. Back in 2019 Gongqing Forest Park in Shanghai closed their aging Sameco loopscrew. But instead of demolishing the entire ride they incorperated part of the ride into some new gardens.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Images of the new Golden Horse LSM at Hainan's Silk Road Paradise are hard to dig up, but as some of the park is open its often possible to spot the ride in the background. While yes it looks very B&M it does at least look pretty well shaped so far.
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    Regina at Tobu Zoo to be revived

    In some related but non Regina news. The park has given a fresh coat of glittery paint to the trains on their Mega-Lite (Unfortunatly not to the track or supports themselves) We now have a sparkly green and a sparkly blue train.
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    Fuji-Q | Unknown | Intamin Multi-Launch Motorbike? | 2023

    A shot of the construction site from a few days ago. Shows nicely what appear to be 2 side by side launches. We can at least safetly say that while it may be an Intamin motorbike coaster it is NOT the motorbike coaster shown in the video that was posted a while back I'm also begining to wonder...
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    New rides @ small parks

    There plenty of versions of these too. These 2 are one of the main versions you see around (There are 100s of these things all over China) but I've seen everything from a triple lift hill model (With powered lifts thank god) To an inverted coaster version. I fully expect these to be...
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    Dollywood | Big Bear Mountain | Vekoma Family Launched Coaster | 2023

    Always assumed the name Great Bear was more a reference to the Constellation rather than the actual animal. Which fits a little more with the inverted format i guess.
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    Silk Road Paradise | Xi'an China | Theme Park

    Construction update on the flyer. almost done it seems.