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  1. Hixee

    Parks you can't be arsed with

    I recently finished watching the rather fascinating Defunctland documentary on Disney's Fastpass (link), and something has been stewing in my brain since then. I [currently] can't be arsed with Disney. I'd love to do all the Disney parks - I think they do genuinely look fantastic, and are...
  2. Hixee

    A super rare trip report from Poland – August 2021 {Day 2 - Energylandia}

    A short weekend blast to Poland to ride some coasters – sure, why not? Be a decent way to add a new country cred and a few more random rides to the spreadsheet, right? Oh… it’s a +20 kinda weekend?! Well, you don’t see that every day. Some backstory first, ahead of what will mostly be an excuse...
  3. Hixee

    Glenwood Caverns Incident

    Saw this on Twitter this morning: Not many other details yet, but always a shame to hear of something like this.
  4. Hixee

    Test Poll - Please Vote

    Hi everyone - please vote for one of the above options. Wrong answers only. Thanks!
  5. Hixee

    Odyssey wind speed

    I'm sure I recall seeing threads like this over the years, but can't find any that are relevant and recent enough to be helpful. Anyone have any idea what the general operating condition limits for Odyssey are? I'm going to head over in a few weeks, and know it's a fickle beast, so won't bother...
  6. Hixee

    Hixee tries to catch up – Misc UK 2021 (#2 - Lincolnshire Creds)

    Obviously it would be great to be heading off round the world to all the fabulous parks and coasters, but sadly that still feels some way off. Sometime towards the end of last year I started musing around the map of UK parks and realised I’ve got a few things not ticked off here. Much of this...
  7. Hixee

    Just Another Germany Trip Report– August 2020 {Day 5 - Schwaben Park}

    Gotta give the people what they want… Less pictures this time – but there’s a few. Got all the good pictures a few years back: Don’t need any more context to this trip – first one of...
  8. Hixee

    CANCELLED - Basic Beginnings | ALTON TOWERS | 22nd Mar 2020

    Time for the first CF-Live of the year! This time, opening weekend at Alton Towers! Home to the iconic Nemesis, dizzying Smiler and the UK's newest woodie in I-don't-know-how-long! This'll be a simple UK Live, where we ask you to make your own way to/from the park, although we do encourage you...
  9. Hixee

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2020 CF-Lives! Starting with the UK trips: And now the European trips: And finally, the USA trips: As ever, there will be planning topics set up for each of these where we can discuss specific details. We’re looking to continue to grow the CF...
  10. Hixee

    Coaster Red Force | Trip Reports

    Let's hear it!
  11. Hixee

    Getting spooky in Germany and Holland – October 2019 {Day 3 - Walibi Holland}

    Okay so this is another basic bitch trip report – feels like I’m the last person on here to go ride Untamed! I’ve been to these parks before, and the weather wasn’t spectacular this weekend, so I’m afraid this won’t be quite as picture heavy as I normally manage, but had a good trip liked up...
  12. Hixee

    Maxx GhosterForce | Trip Reports

    Let's hear how you got on - last stateside Live of the year!
  13. Hixee

    Untame My Heart | Trip Reports

    I know we're only a halfway through this Live, but here's a handy place to share how it went!
  14. Hixee

    Sweden (and a little bit of Norway) – August 2019 {Day 4: Liseberg}

    Time for me to get a bit less basic, I suppose. Never done Kolmarden or Liseberg – the shame… Let’s get to it then. Hope the pictures make it worth a skim through. Day 1 –Grona Lund Grona Lund doesn’t open until 3pm, so it made it ideal to fly in in the morning (direct from Bristol, yay!) and...
  15. Hixee

    Ed Hart Stole My Heart | Trip Reports

    C'mon you beautiful people, let's hear it!
  16. Hixee

    Steeling Kenny's Curtain | Photo Competition

    Sorry for the delay in posting this, I've been out of the country! Let's get to it. Atmosphere: Which photo best captures the atmosphere of the CF Live? This is an easy one this time - Marc @Antinos was the only one who posted anything! He wins by default! Here's his image: Artistry: Which...
  17. Hixee

    Stealing Kenny's Curtain | Trip Reports

    The new one may not be open, but I reckon this will still be an awesome weekend! Let's hear it!
  18. Hixee

    Beasts in the East | Trip Reports

    Forecast has looked a little ropey at times, but excited to hear how you got on nonetheless!
  19. Hixee

    Maximum Pleasure | Photo Competition

    Amazing day at Blackpool last weekend, and now it's time to try out the photo competition! Using the hashtag #BlackpoolLive19, our members were posting photos to Twitter and Instagram throughout the day, and I've pulled them all together and picked out a shortlist of four from each category...
  20. Hixee

    Maximum Pleasure | Trip Reports

    Had a wonderful at Blackpool today. Blue skies, short lines and lovely people - what more could you ask for?!