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  1. Wazzupnerds

    Uh did RMC just tease that some kind of giga from them is coming?

    Start off with this tweet from yesterday Then they respond to someone asking if this was a tease post with a hands over mouth emoji So if I had to make a guesses Worlds of Fun Alabama Adventure (they teased a larger addition for 2023 during Cheddar Chase tease) Or somewhere else Looks...
  2. Wazzupnerds

    Anyone know what coaster type this is from Mitchell Brother Amusments?

    Was looking through the ride list for the Alabama State Fair and found this. It's not on MBA's website, and I can't find anything on RCDB. Was wondering if any one has come across it. Hight limit seems a little tall for a standard pinfari or kiddie coaster.
  3. Wazzupnerds

    Darien Lake issues (Possible Ride of Steel removal after 2022 season)

    Screamscape just posted a big rumor tagged post on Darien Lake, and its... not good. Here is the link to the full post But the highlights: Predator is getting retrack work, but only because of the fire possibly. Mind Eraser is going to be SBNO for the 2022 season, the coaster needs new...
  4. Wazzupnerds

    Adventureland Iowa sold by family to Palace Entertainment

    Not surprised given how badly everything happened with the River Rapids
  5. Wazzupnerds

    I think its really a shame Skyline is one of the few companies that are truly trying to work with small parks to get a coaster within their budget.

    With the announcement of Skylines new family coasters, and the semi-confirmation that the price tag for some layouts would be under a million dollars, I have come to the realization how most manufactures seem to be banking on the fact that the larger chains will always be calling for them to...
  6. Wazzupnerds

    (Rumor) Spivey Industrial Contractors possibly working with Six Flags Over GA to install a new ride for 2022.

    Found on r/rollercoasters, trying to find the original Facebook post, but this is all we have for now. Reddit Post Redacted Facebook post from Reddit Update: OP has been found, but its from someone's personal Facebook page. I don't want to post it here, but its a legit post. Let the...
  7. Wazzupnerds

    TTD Closed for 2022

    Link to article Looks like TTD has had another shrapnel accident, 3rd one I believe. I hope the woman is ok and pulls through. Have to wonder if this is the end for the big boy,
  8. Wazzupnerds

    How much time should I plan to spend at Luna Park (NY) and Deno's Wonder Wheel?

    Planning on catching a Cyclones game within the next few days, and I also want those sweet sweet credits.
  9. Wazzupnerds

    Six Flags over... Fresno(Ca)?

    Saw this over on /r/rollercoasters, and it looks like Six Flags, or a group working with them, is planning out a possible park in Frensno, Ca. Here is a link to the bidding/proposal website