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  1. sarahsmile

    What upcoming new credit are you most excited about?

    if you have any trips planned! i’m going to sfft to ride my first raptor and i am so excited! and i wanted to share that positive energy with others who are looking forward to new experiences as well! i’m extra excited because i’ve literally climbed on raptor track at the rmc shop but i’ve...
  2. sarahsmile

    Make fun of my favorite roller coaster.

    so the deal is, you post your favorite roller coaster and make fun of the favorite of the person who comments above you. this one should be easy.. el toro ? have fun and keep it classy
  3. sarahsmile

    How many theme parks have you visited since parks reopened?

    assuming it has ended in your area! i’m based in orlando, and i’ve managed to make it to 14 since the end of june. 1 six flags over georgia 2 sea world 3 islands of adventure 4 universal studios 5 dollywood 6 hersheypark 7 magic kingdom 8 epcot 9 animal kingdom 10 hollywood studios 11 busch...
  4. sarahsmile

    Pure, Delicious Candymonium: Sarah & Scott's Trip to Hersheypark, 8/6/20

    One of the many things that I’m massively passionate about in this world besides theme parks is eating- particularly sweets and the sugar rush that accompanies them. I have to be honest and say that Hersheypark is and always will be one of those safe havens for me where I can shamelessly indulge...