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  1. TilenB

    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    So, this little project has popped up on the interwebs about one month ago. There are plans for building one the largest amusement park in the Balkan region just outside of the town of Lukavac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is not much official info available online apart from the project's...
  2. TilenB

    RES Roller Ball for Wiener Prater in 2020

    So, this has recently popped up on my Facebook feed Looks like Wiener Prater is getting a Roller Ball for 2020 season. Nothing official has been said about the new ride by either the manufacturer or whichever...
  3. TilenB

    Coasting Through the Alps

    Day 1 - Osttirodler and Freizeitpark Familienland It's been a while since I've done one of these (I believe last November for Ai Pioppi), but, truth be told, I haven't travelled all that much this year so far. I had a couple of setbacks at the University and also a bit in my personal life, so I...
  4. TilenB

    Next Gen Wiegand Alpine Coaster for Altmühlbob

    A rather interesting version of Alpine Coaster is taking shape in Bavaria. The ride is one of Wiegand's new model line, called Sport Coaster. It doesn't have any rider operated brakes (much like Dawson Duel in that regard), which allows it to have these huge hills all through the layout. Here's...
  5. TilenB

    Parko Paliatso opens Slagharen's old Looping Star

    A small funfair-ish amusement park in Cyprus has announced they're opening a Schwarzkopf Looping Star on 1st of April this year. According to rcdb, it's the Looping Star that used to operate in Slagharen until late 2016.
  6. TilenB

    PTR: Osteria Ai Pioppi

    So, Ai Pioppi. This place has been on my radar for ages, ever since it was first discovered by the enthusiast community (which was about 4 years ago). It's located relatively near Slovenia, but a bit far to 'just go' on a whim. But, the past Sunday, 27th of October was the date we finally agreed...
  7. TilenB

    Best Coaster by Decade

    As a person that likes to make long and pointless lists, I decided to make another one for my 2000th post on here. What's everyone's favorite coaster by the decade of their respective opening years? As an added extra, I've also added my favorite creds from the year of opening. 2010's: Taron...
  8. TilenB

    TilenB's 2016: Skiing and Alpine Coasters

    With 2016 in its dying stages and parks closing for the season, I've put together a bit of a short trip report/thoughts on the parks I've visited and coasters I've ridden in 2016. Tarvisio/Monte Iussari ski resort: In late February me and dad went accross the border to Italy for a day trip of...
  9. TilenB

    Sarajevo (Bosnia) Gets an Alpine Coaster

    I've just found out about this one a few hours ago. Sunnyland project on the outskirts of Sarajevo is in the finishing stages of opening their Wiegand Alpine Coaster. Here is an article from the local news site, run through google translate. And a couple of recent photos from their facebook...
  10. TilenB

    Attractiepark Slagharen | Goldrush | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Atractiepark Slagharen has announced the retirement of their good old Thunder Loop (Schwarzkopf Looping Star) in order to make place for a new coaster in 2017. The park has cited the maintenance costs to be the main factor behind the removal. Thunder Loop is to operate till the end of this...
  11. TilenB

    Eurovision 2016

    As always, it's once again me who's bringing up this topic on the forums. The event starts in about an hour, at 9pm CET and 8pm British time. Who are your favorites for the night? I'm personally going with the simplistic approach of Latvia and France and the powerful, but nevertheless cute...
  12. TilenB

    Croatia to Get Country's First Amusement Park

    A little bit of news that has surfaced on the interwebs today is that Croatia will get their first proper theme park. It is going to be built near the small town on Dalmatian coast, Biograd na Moru, and they are currently aiming to have the park open by May 1st 2017, with the construction...
  13. TilenB

    Far West Valley (3 New Rides) for Mirabilandia

    After the big investment (money thrown away) of DiVertical in 2012, Mirabilandia is now finally ready to invest into new rides. It doesn't seem to be anything major for this year (Disk'O, some small flat ride and kiddie drop towers), but they are promising a much more major addition for the 2017...
  14. TilenB

    Bonus Creds

    Have you ever been to a park (or any place in that matter) where you expected to tick off the rides that were on rcdb/coaster-count, but found some unlisted coasters as well? Or have you ever just come across a fair, that you didn't expect to be there when planning your initial route for the...
  15. TilenB

    Gardaland | Kung Fu Panda Master | Fabbri Spinner

    Not the most exiting of news, but nevertheless, it seems we will have a new cred on our hands for 2016. From what I can understand the coaster will stand where Top Spin used to be, in the area between Magic Mountain and Ortobruco Tour. Here is a badly (google translate) translated article from...
  16. TilenB

    Roller Coaster Manufacturers' Census

    During the summer of 2015 I kept myself from getting bored working on a fairly useless project. Basically, I was putting all of the coasters (or rather their manufacturers) I'd found on rcdb into a excel file (where I've split the coasters by continents where they are found), allowing a fairly...
  17. TilenB

    The Lost Coaster of St. Petersburg (and Barcelona)

    We all know of the great American Roller coaster Boom of the early 20th Century in which countless coasters had been built across the country, before the era being abruptly ended by great depression. But few coaster enthusiast know that Europe also had a fair few coasters (mostly scenic...
  18. TilenB

    NedGer 2015: Day 3 - Efteling Fairytales

    This year hasn't been too filled with coasters for me for the first 8 months of it. The only place with coasters I'd visited was the local fair, of which I've also written a short trip report. With that in mind I was crazy excited for a 13 day trip I scheduled myself for the 2nd part of...
  19. TilenB

    Klotten with public transport

    Has anybody on here done that? I know that a lot of you have been to the place, but has anyone done it without a car?
  20. TilenB

    Stand-Up Waterslides

    So, these are the thing right now. Aquamagis Plettenburg has opened a short indoor one about a month ago (which I believe many of you have already heard about) and has now opened a more substantial outdoor one as well. So... What do you think of...