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  1. TilenB

    Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?

    I guess I've been on a few, but you kinda need to be lucky for a park to be that quiet on your visit. I'm going to keep these separated between pay-one-price parks and pay-per-ride coasters (and I'm not including any of the single car coasters): Pay-one-price: Toverland was pretty much dead on...
  2. TilenB

    Rank the Pinfaris you've done

    Good Lord
  3. TilenB

    New coaster coming to PortAventura?

    There's also one a few hours down the road from PortAventura, that I would argue is pretty much on the edge of what could still be considered a fairly local area.
  4. TilenB

    WTF Merlin?

    Due to staffing shortages, Gardaland is going to close a number of their rides at 7pm during Summer when the rest of the park closes at 11pm. The list of rides includes Kung Fu Panda Master, Space Vertigo (drop tower), Flying Island, Jungle Rapids and Colorado Boat among others...
  5. TilenB

    Bosque Mágico closure and ride relocation speculation thread

    Yeah, unless a deal has already been made before the news of Bosque Magico closing for good have been made public, then it feels just a bit too soon for this ride to be from the Mexican park. Though the restrains on the car in the artwork do appear to be Zamperla's design rather than...
  6. TilenB

    Hainan Ocean Paradise | China | Theme Park

    Sounds like some people are very excited that it's finally testing.
  7. TilenB

    Photos from abandoned theme parks

    An interesting bird-eye view of the abandoned Teine Olympia amusement park at the Teine Ski Resort near Sapporo (Hokkaido, Japan) that has been left to rot since the park closed in 2010. The park featured a Jet Coaster and a Mad Mouse built by Meisho Amusement Machines.
  8. TilenB

    VinWonders | Phú Quốc, Vietnam | Theme Park

    Should we change the title of this topic, considering the park in Ho Chi Minh City never got built and most of the discussion in here is about the Phu Quoc's expansion?
  9. TilenB

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    On Nemesis? It opened in March 1994.
  10. TilenB

    Your Coaster Years

    Nice, another thing to instead of all of the Uni work I'm falling behind right now. 1997 - Mayan Adventure 1998 - G'Sengte Sau 1999 - Wild West Mine Train 2000 - Katun 2001 - Expedition GeForce 2002 - X2 2003 - Nemesis Inferno 2004 - Revenge of the Hollywood's Mummy 2005 - Superman Escape 2006...
  11. TilenB

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Looks like Pulsar is back up and running according to the queue times sites (can't access the official Walibi app because they don't seem to know how EU market now works).
  12. TilenB

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    I wonder if the problem is somehow related with the trains? I did find it odd that they were only running one train three weeks ago when the queue was reaching up to 50 minutes (longest in the park) and everything else was running at max capacity.
  13. TilenB

    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    I've never really been on a proper ERT session, but have visited some of the parks on really quiet days; Troy - 15 times (2015) Hyperspace Mountain (Hong Kong) - 12 times (2019) Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars - 11 times (2019) Hals-über-Kopf - 10 times (2022) Katun - 9 times (2009)...
  14. TilenB

    Cred run mini-reports (general topic)

    I'm not really into writing long trip reports these days anymore, but writing something up about a cred run I did an hour ago is no biggie. The funfair organized by Slovenia's largest funfair operator Lunapark Müller is back to Ljubljana and this time round it did feature a cred, so I squeezed...
  15. TilenB

    How many different number 1s have you had?

    I only started ranking coasters after joining CoasterForce in 2011, so I've had 3 'official' #1s over these 11 years or so; 2011-2016: X2, SFMM 2016-2022: Taron, Phantasialand 2022: Ride to Happiness, Plopsaland de Panne And a bit of a honorary mention to Katun, which would've been my favorite...
  16. TilenB

    Your worst spite

    @Eyebrows, if it makes you feel any better, I have a similar story from my pre-proper enthusiast years. I was quite into coasters from when my dad first showed me rcdb in early 2009. So for the first two years and a bit, rcdb was the only window I had into the world of coasters. In early 2011...
  17. TilenB

    What park's best ride isn't a coaster?

    Going through what I've done, these ones stood out the most: Movieland Park (it's been an absolute eternity since I've last been there (they still had a powered Pinfari as their sole cred), but Magma was great fun on both our visits) Universal Studios Hollywood (Revenge of the Mummy is a decent...
  18. TilenB

    Flee to Walibi

    Gosh, I only just noticed this trip report. We were in Walibi that same day and did we by any chance bump into you while queueing for Tutankhamon (or at least I remember James and Thom chatting with a British enthusiast, while I was off zoning out a few meters away)? Either way, there seemed to...
  19. TilenB

    Eurosat or CanCan Coaster?

    I know that the old Eurosat was loved by some, but I've found it just too rough to be enjoyable on my two visits in 2010 and 2016. The new Eurosat definitely has superior theming and actually gives France an appropriately themed ride (the old Eurosat and the Mercedes showroom that is Silver Star...
  20. TilenB

    Britain and foreign languages

    Oh, definitely. Coming from someone whose native language is spoken by a bit more than 2m people, you would struggle to find people that don't speak at least one foreign language and it's mostly English for anyone that was still in school after Yugoslavia's dissolution. Slovenia is also on the...