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  1. Joe Holmes

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster? (UK's tallest coaster) | 2023/2024

    I've done DC rivals, in Aussie summer, end of the day, and it was insane. The bunny hops at the end were honestly getting on painful, that's how much the thing was flying. Pretty insane and intense coaster if I'm being honest. SO to say Thorpe may be possibly getting one, 30+feet bigger pretty...
  2. Joe Holmes

    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    Looking at the track connectors for the top hat after the second laugh, could we potentially see an inverted top hat? The connections seem like they are already fairly banked at the top of it. What do we think?
  3. Joe Holmes

    What is the wettest water ride you've ever been on?

    Id agree that Valhalla is definitely one of the wettest water rides. however after recently coming back from PortAventura and filling Silver River Flume's boat with 5 full grown adults, i found that the water likes to come over the front of the boat and soak whoever is at the front... twice...
  4. Joe Holmes

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    perhaps the coaster is just aiming for opening and completion by spring 2018 (Upcoming season.) and then during the closed season of 2018, they'll start to produce more rockwork, shrubbery and theming for the start of the 2019 season.