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  1. cjbrandy

    Why do the Chinese knock off manufacturers only copy Vekoma?

    Why do they almost exclusively copy Vekoma and their old track style? How come they haven't tried making a B&M or Intamin knock off? Looking at it from these company's point of view I'd think it would be a good idea to try knocking off B&M because even if its not as good as a real B&M, it'd...
  2. cjbrandy

    Coasters you want to get remastered

    Remasters is something thats associated with the video game industry but recently its moved to the coaster industry too with the Incredible Hulk getting a full remaster with new track, trains and effects to give a better, smoother ride. There are so many coasters that could use improvements here...
  3. cjbrandy

    Would you rather thread

    I'll start with a Would You Rather question and people keep it going by answering and adding new questions. I've got a tough one to get started. Would you rather: 1. Be fully blind and unable to see the beauty of the world yet have a perfectly fit and healthy body. 2. Have perfect eyesight but...
  4. cjbrandy

    How is your tolerance of roughness?

    How rough does a coaster have to be for you to consider it a 'bad' ride? For me it has to be really f*cking rough, I loved Space Mountain and I enjoy Saw, Grand National and Colossus which are also known for being pretty rough. I view all the coasters I ride with optimism, I actually found...
  5. cjbrandy

    How much force would it take to open a locked restraint?

    So, restraints from lap bars to OTSRs have one purpose: to make sure when the ride/coaster comes to a stop, you're still in it! But have you ever wondered how much force it would take to open one mid ride? I'm sure they're designed so even if Dwayne the Rock Johnson pushed with all his might it...
  6. cjbrandy

    Germany or Sweden (post opening of Wildfire)

    Which one of these two countries would you pick for a nice coaster holiday? Germany which has the likes of Europa Park and Phantasialand or Sweden which has Helix and in the near future, Wildfire! Tough choice
  7. cjbrandy

    Fun times at Drayton Manor

    First park of the season and it was a great day! Queues were very kind and ranged from ZERO to 10 mins with a max wait of 25 mins for G Force in the morning. Now Ive been to Drayton before but I hadn't been for a good 2 or 3 years and there was a lot of rides that would be brand new to me making...
  8. cjbrandy

    Thorpe Park Theory

    Recently it was announced the last 2 rows of The Swarm would be going forwards again. Although its not a huge and lengthy task Merlin could simply sit there and leave it be. I think they had a reason behind it. The world and the internet is going crazy for VR right now, with gamers and tech...
  9. cjbrandy

    Quick DLP question

    When does Space Mountain Mission 2 close again for the second half of its refurbishment? Going on June 19th for a few days and it would suck if both mountains were closed. Also if you know of any other rides that will be closed when I go please say, thanks!
  10. cjbrandy

    Do you think RCT world will flop or succeed?

    RCT World has recently been in beta on Steam so people who've pre ordered can test it out. The reception has been mixed to negative so far with players reporting that it feels more like an alpha than a beta thus leading many people to think the game will fail like Theme Park Studio did. I agreed...
  11. cjbrandy

    Coaster Improvements and Modifications You'd Like to See

    Some coasters are outright amazing (Medusa Steel Coaster). Some coasters are fire on paper and they may have some amazing features but the execution is flawed (Furius Baco) And some coasters just **** suck in their current state! (Stampida) I've wanted to make this topic for a while, I...
  12. cjbrandy

    Which manufacturer has the smoothest coasters?

    RMC? B&M? Intamin? Mack? All 4 manufacturers have built some very smooth coasters. Examples include Fury 325 (B&M), 13 (Intamin), Blue Fire (Mack) and any existing RMC! Obviously its subjective but I think the answer to this question may be RMC... B&Ms have a reputation for being perfectly...
  13. cjbrandy

    Scariest ride/coaster you've ridden

    Happy Halloween! We know that measuring rides and coasters on their 'scariness' is such a disgustingly general public thing to do, we talk about airtime and intensity- if your finding all your coasters nerve wracking and scary than enthusiasm probably isn't for you! However, I'm sure almost...
  14. cjbrandy

    Do you like hangtime?

    Quick and easy. We all love positive Gs and airtime! But what about hangtime? Some people find the sensation of being held upside down on flats or going through a slow roll on a coaster interesting and fun (like me) but I have seen people here in the past say they dislike it or find it...
  15. cjbrandy

    RCT World Beta is out NOW!

    UPDATE: The Beta is out now if you have pre ordered the game. I haven't pre ordered the game myself because I want to see whether its good or trash before I invest. The coaster designing looks a lot more free and less restricted which is great, unfortunately the coasters in the Pax demos...
  16. cjbrandy

    Will Star Wars 7 be the highest grossing film of all time?

    One of, if not THE most well known film franchise in the the world, particularly in the US, and I don't believe that's an exaggeration Jurassic World capitalized on bringing back a beloved franchise from the past making a huge $1.66 billion. That film had a fair amount of hype but there is...
  17. cjbrandy

    Do You Support American Gun Rights?

    In my opinion, stricter gun laws are well overdue. Obviously one shooting where people die is one too many but in my view, the amount of campus/elementary and high school/civilian shootings is truly ridiculous for the world's most developed and advanced country. Im sure there will be Americans...
  18. cjbrandy

    Kick Ass 1 vs Kingsman

    Although they are certainly not for everybody these are both great films (in my opinion) by the same director, Matthew Vaughn and they are both similar in quality and style so Im curious to hear which one people prefer. Kick Ass 2 can **** off though, it was by a different director and...
  19. cjbrandy

    Resistance to motion sickness on rides

    Ive had a lot of older family members say to me how when they were young they liked rides and coasters but now they don't because it makes them feel sick but I just thought "it'll never happen to me because Im an MLG badass". At 18 Im hardly getting old but Ive noticed my resistance to motion...
  20. cjbrandy

    MPs to debate cannabis legalisation- thoughts? ... signatures After a petition has got over 200,000 signatures, MPs are now going to debate whether to legalise cannabis. I have never smoked weed. I have no interest in doing so in the future either. However that does not mean I judge those who do, in...