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  1. Tjex1

    No Limits Sim. Problem. Please Help!

    Hi I was doing the full version of no limits on my laptop (I discovered it works on ubuntu) and I changed the resolution and put it in window mode. I quit it but now when I open it it says "Error While Setting Display mode Can't Switch To 1200x600x16, Please Set Mode Manually!" Anyone know...
  2. Tjex1

    Thorpe Parks New Horror Walk Through!!!

    Saw ALIVE- Now suposively open (looks like it on the web site as the have already have reviews... What does every one think about it???
  3. Tjex1

    Most intense ride you've ever been on

    Mine has to be the first time I ever went on Stealth, TP, my neck buckled!!!
  4. Tjex1

    Break before launch

    I can never get my train to stop before the launch on my coasters, please can someone help me!
  5. Tjex1

    Project XCar

    Working on launched X Car with new element, non inverting cobra roll! I will upload pics. soon, adding supports...
  6. Tjex1

    Stupid things the GP have said

    I haven't noticed one of these and the ones on the web are fairly old, I'd quite like to read of some new ones!
  7. Tjex1

    Saw: the Ride

    Does anyone know if SAW's airtime hill is parabolic???
  8. Tjex1

    Favourite coaster

    It has to be Tonnere de Zeus, Parc Asterix
  9. Tjex1

    Colossus (Thorpe Park)

    Apparently (according to the person sitting behind me on the ride), It may stop on top of the loop. I nearly wet myself with fear!!! lol
  10. Tjex1

    Mumbo Jumbo's main drop

    I have read in some places that the drop is 112 degrees and somewhere that says 120. Can someone please clarify please?
  11. Tjex1

    I prefer RCT2 to RCT3

    I prefere the actual gameplay in RCT2, Whilst I like the on-ride featur on RCT3...
  12. Tjex1

    need ideas for new launch coaster i am building

    i have the demo of nolimits and getting the full, but i need new ideas