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  1. Mushroom

    LWV confirm removal of several rides

    Say goodbye to the Rapids, Black Pearl, Apollo, Eagles Claw and Raptor Attack All towards a focus to under 10's sadly. No news on ultimate sadly...
  2. Mushroom

    Gaming Recommendations

    Since all this lock down business is happening. Anyone have some gaming recommendations. Recently I completed the main story of Celeste, bloody incredible game, frustrating but awesome! Also has an incredible soundtrack too! Did it on a live stream (Which I am doing 10am uk time till 12pm at the...
  3. Mushroom

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good day! And kinda of a topical picture from me! Sent from my small tapping device
  4. Mushroom

    The Fire of Wicker: Alton Towers 4th Nov CANCELLED

    The Fire of Wicker Good evening folks! I have been tasked into running this CF-Live at the glorious Alton Towers! When: 4th November Meet up time will be at 10:30am at the bottom of Towers Street, kinda near the coffee shop. We will be moving on at 10:40am prompt, and more than likely heading...
  5. Mushroom

    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix Trip Reports

    Not sorted the orp yet. But this is a good way to start Ghosterforce right? Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk Edit: orp attached. It was Sue's 900th
  6. Mushroom

    UK Safari Parks and Coasters

    As a lot of you are aware, we have a lot of Safari Parks in the UK (where you drive round in your car and look at the animals). Not all of them have rides. Only ones that spring to mind are West Midlands Safari Park and Knowlsely. West Midlands has a fair few rides and coasters, Knowlsey has a...
  7. Mushroom

    Mush & Mouse South west cred run!

    Me and @MouseAT just did a nice little cred run down to Devon and Cornwall for a few days, not a bam bam bam cred run, more relaxed, this was more due to opening times of all the parks! Also my road to 500 coasters is very much a thing (If you follow me on socials you would of seen the hash tag...
  8. Mushroom

    Oh what a lovely day. (2/7/2017)

    I woke up this morning at around 8:30am, saw the sun beaming through the window. Turned on my computer, ummed and ahhhed for a little bit, did a bit of research, I knew I had the cred at Stourport to grab. I had a look at how far Brean was too. But decided just do to Stourport. Left the house at...
  9. Mushroom

    Man falls out of seat on Black Pearl at Lightwater Valley

    A man with learning difficulties falls out of Black Pearl seat ... m-failure/
  10. Mushroom

    Couple gets engaged on Expedition GeForce

    Just saw this pop up... a couple got engaged on EGF at Holiday park Germany.... How cheesy eh? Oh... Wait... Erm.... Yeahhhhhh.......
  11. Mushroom

    Holiday Park hosting 'Hit the Dave challenge'

    Source: ... 6272289452 Yes, this is our very own 10WaTT who is going over. I can't make it sadly as I can't get time off short notice =[
  12. Mushroom

    Nintendo coming to Universal Studios!

    Wow, just Wow! ... Socialflow
  13. Mushroom


    Yup, you hear right! Well that was a surprise, do not know if they will be in shops, but online only at the moment
  14. Mushroom

    New ride at Pleasure Island (And special offers coming soon)

  15. Mushroom

    Efteling gets a 'UK Country Manager' ... y-manager/ So maybe more ads for Efteling in the UK?
  16. Mushroom

    A cereal cafe to open in London

    Yup, some guys are opening a cereal cafe in Shoreditch, London. Very interesting! ... _1_3831985
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    Simple enough, do you like Bacon?
  18. Mushroom

    Frightwater Valley 2/11/14

    Final day of the season, and they are finishing off with Frightwater. So we went into with a few expectations. Most of the scary stuff didn't happen until 3pm. Which include their maze, Raptor Attack Live and Ghost Train (Ultimate station to entrance station) The main scare maze was in the...
  19. Mushroom

    Unknown | Cavallino Matto | Togo Stand Up [Relocation]

    So just browsing RCDB for new coasters for next year, saw a random park called Cavallino Matto getting a new coaster next year. Decided to look into it, and they are Canada's Wonderland's old coaster, Sky Rider. Very interesting this found it's new home in Italy, and a BIG blow to Drayton...
  20. Mushroom

    Pleasure Island *kinda* crowd funding a new ride ... 1583430041