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  1. SaiyanHajime

    What impressed you the most in the past year?

    Could be a new park you went to, a new cred you acquired, a piece of news, some cool theming that was built, a new flower bed at Busch Williamsburg. What has impressed you the most in the past 12 or so months? For me it was Flight of Passage, which I was expecting to not be a fan of. Pandora...
  2. SaiyanHajime

    British Dark Ride Documentaries

    Many of you will already know about Peter Lambert's amazing documentary series on some of the UK's best loved dark rides, but in case you didn't and as a way of putting Furie's new vimeo embedding tag to good use (although, I do recommend watching them full size!), here they are...
  3. SaiyanHajime

    Thorpe Park in 10 Years

    I can't believe it was 10 years ago that Stealth opened. Wow. I was thinking, back then would any of us have guessed that Thorpe would be opening some kind of dark ride for 2016? In fact, the only thing they've done which seemed semi predictable was new B&M. For the longest time I was certain...
  4. SaiyanHajime

    why do rollercoasters exist Above is a documentary called "Signature Attraction: A Documentary About Why Rollercoasters Exist?" I thought I'd share, because it's really quite interesting. So this is a place to discuss the film itself AND the questions it asks... Why do roller...
  5. SaiyanHajime

    What is "atmosphere"?

    Go on, try to define it. Whenever I try, I end up describing what would better be described as mood or ...immersion. And I end up using examples to explain what I mean, and all of those examples have problems. I think of attractions that have authenticity, who's atmosphere comes not from design...
  6. SaiyanHajime

    Favourite non coaster?

    I don't think we've had this discussion in a while, what's your favourite non-coasters and why do you love them so? :D I think mine is Indiana Jones Adventure now... I was super excited about going on it and it still blew me away. The scale of that main room is just jaw dropping, seeing other...
  7. SaiyanHajime

    Is Phantasialand racist?

    I'm not going to elaborate too much yet for fear of contaminating your opinion. What I will say is that I think there is questionable stereotyping of cultures at a lot of theme parks and that misrepresentation contributes to peoples perceptions, negatively affecting the represented culture. I...
  8. SaiyanHajime

    Disabled cricketer Chessington OUTRAGE! ... park-ride/ Dude picks up Chessington's disabled pass, which he says allows him to "queue jump"... In his own words. He tries to go on their flying elephants and is told that he will need to ride with someone over 14 and is thus denied riding with his...
  9. SaiyanHajime


    I've been thinking of writing an article (essay? Essay...) about queues for a while now. I've grown a bit obsessed with them. So I thought it was worth having a topic here in hope it highlights something I've not thought of covering and hopefully adds more perspective! So here's some pointers...
  10. SaiyanHajime

    Storytelling attractions

    Basically, is story telling crucial to improving attraction experience? This has spawned out of Facebook and Twitter discussions that started with criticising Dinoland USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The general gist being that this land comes across as being cheap, crap and not very...
  11. SaiyanHajime

    Will we see another classic style dark ride outside Disney?

    Was talking to a guy who's making a documentary about the classic uk dark rides this evening... And what with Thorpe's new planning proposal... Are the days of train or boat based journeys through narrative scenery a thing of the past? I'm talking about the likes of Chessington's 5th...
  12. SaiyanHajime

    Jungle Cruise, Jaws, Etc. Awful?

    I don't understand how anyone can find these things fun... I'd just like to know what you guys think? Do you like them or not and why you feel the way you do? Jungle Cruise is, basically, a very intimate show that just happens to be aboard a transport ride around dated scenery and...
  13. SaiyanHajime

    Keeping Orcas in captivity - Is it wrong?

    I just saw this... ... e_petition So, your thoughts. Is it wrong to keep an Orca in captivity?
  14. SaiyanHajime

    Is Thorpe Park's Asylum an appropriate theme?

    There's a fab discussion going on about whether Thorpe Park's Asylum is appropriate. One powerful comment on Twitter by @Sectioned_ read... "So seriously now, you'd be prepared to go to a horror maze based on the "gay men are child molesters" stereotype?"...
  15. SaiyanHajime

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg rebrand/retheme

    This year they changed their logo and signage, and now? Http:// Now they're retheming England to 1960's London. Hm. Sent from my HTC Wildfire S A510e using Tapatalk 2
  16. SaiyanHajime

    Eid day at Chessington sparks RAGE

    Was looking on Chessies Facebook page and theres someone moaning about the "Muslim day". Note it's on Nov 9th, when the park is closed. Note anyone can go, should they wish. What do you guys think? Is this any different to a corporate hire? Surely, since it's open to anyone, it's BETTER than a...
  17. SaiyanHajime

    Falcon's Fury, BGT, Worlds First Face Down Drop Tower Not the first time I've heard of this concept, it's been around for a while, but I guess someone finally bit! Probably Intamin. Should be interesting?
  18. SaiyanHajime

    The Smiler - your thoughts?

    The opening reviews will be either "it's AWFUL" or "its THE BEST THING EVER". We will have to wait for a genuine average opinion to surface. Still, would love to hear of any objective points about it to be raised.
  19. SaiyanHajime

    How are height restrictions determined?

    I always used to assume that the manufacturers determined height restrictions. But if that's the case, why do rides of the same type vary in some cases? When I went to Cedar Point, I noticed their enterprise has a ridiculous height restriction of 54" (1.4ish) when they can be as low as .9m...
  20. SaiyanHajime

    General public opinion survey results....

    Have you ever wondered about what the general public think? Well I have. It's been bothering me for years. I set up a survey, and over the past few days I've struggled to find willing non-enthusiasts to fill it out. I was super selective, not even offering it to friends who I believed "knew...