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    Best headchoppers, footchoppers, close encounters etc.

    Great White, El Toro, and Bizarro (SFNE)
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    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    Re: Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks: 2013 Edition 1) Universal Studios Orlando. The rides are fun and well themed, the the scenery is excellent 9/10 (Note: I am counting the UOA parks as two separate parks) 2) Universal Studios IoA: EXCELLENT themes, lovely rides, decent, food, 9/10 3) Six Flags...
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    My 2013 Summer Projects (Updated July 25th Zenith Released)

    Re: My 2013 Summer Projects Looks lovely!
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    Xpress' coaster vault thread

    The best way to make an apocalypse ride is lava/lava rock.
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    NL Competition 5 2013 - Acceleration Orgasm Rider's Choice!

    Re: NL Competition 5 2013 - Acceleration Orgasm Rider's Choi We're waiting........
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    Johhnny D's Dev topic ... en.nltrack ... p5.nltrack These are essentially the same tracks, but the second one has the corkscrew instead of the twisted camel hump. Enjoy EXCELSIOR, johhnnyD
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    Johhnny D's Dev topic

    The problem is when i open said folder "Screenshots" it says it's empty
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    Johhnny D's Dev topic

    Actually, I can't find my screenshots. It's finished, it was my entry for Antinos' accelerator coaster contest. Do you know how to find the screenshots?
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    Craziest Things You've Done at Parks

    -My boy Sam hooked my friends and I up by letting us go through the flash pass lane as single riders -Told a guy i was on a ride with i had sh*t myself when we got to the brakes -I also narrate on every ride at SFNE. -Screamed like a little b*tch on Kingda Ka -Countdown the launches on the Hulk...
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    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | The Smiler | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1 Hope it opens soon, I've been waiting forever for this
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    Harry Potter Expansion - Universal Orlando

    I think it would be neat if at the grand opening they have a brick wall that opens like in the first film.
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    Johhnny D's Dev topic

    Working on a ride as I speak. COMIN SOON!
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    NL Competition 4 2013 - Adventure Time!

    ^ I'm out. The design is way to cukoo to be a maine train. Seriously
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    NL Competition 4 2013 - Adventure Time!

    Can the tunnel go through the terrain just ONCE?
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    Johhnny D's Dev topic

    Re: My NoLimits projects Grand Canyon Ghost Train, one of my most involved projects
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    If you were the opposite sex...

    I would just fondle my boobs all day
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    NL Competition- The Big Time

    It can be any hypercoaster type by any manufacturer, as long as it follows the other rules. It doesn't really matter, just try not to look stupid with a 250 foot tall stand-up coaster. You can use wood coasters as well, if you please...
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    NL Competition- The Big Time

    I want to see how people make their hypercoasters. Rules: Has to be 200-299 Feet tall (61-91 m) Any kinds of supports Terraforming is not required, but is a nice bonus No red g-forces No 3ds Any hypercoaster type (Intamin, B&M, etc.) Scoring: Creativity- 10 pts Speed- 10 pts Scenery- 5 pts...
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    NL Competition 4 2013 - Adventure Time!

    What do you mean by tools?