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    First-time inebriation.

    Well yeah, I went to my friend's house and brought a 70cl bottle of vodka which we mixed with coca cola. I must have drank probably 100ml? Anyway, it sounds lame, but this was probably the most drunk I've been in my life. I've never reached the stage where I do actually stagger (even very...
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    Physics question

    Ok, I wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured as it's vaguely about theme parks, being a roundabout question, it could just about fit in here :P So, we have a roundabout. This roundabout is comprised of a solid ring, held up by 8 (presumed light) ropes. In the first question...
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    Splashdown outdoor times

    This isn't a theme park question I guess, but it's close enough. When does the outdoor bit of 'splashdown' at Poole open? I pretty much scanned their site but it doesn't specifically say when the outdoor bit opens, and the previous times I have been there, it has been shut. Also, does...
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    Ok, so I didn't start out with such a great coaster, so I'm gonna give it another shot, I'm part way through building my next roller coaster. (It's based on the roller coaster I fantasize about building someday in the future. Although the layout after the first 2 elements will be different...
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    Airtime hill

    What is the equation for a parabolic airtime hill which would give exactly -kg negative g's and taken at v m/s? Is there any easy way to derive one? I looked it up on wikipedia and it looks too complicated...
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    Canada screamin' - Completed

    I had an urge to go on No limits again, after not having been on it for a while. After opening the program and finding no inspiration I left it for a few days. However, a conversation with a canadian (non enthusiast) friend of mine gave me some ideas for the new coaster. I asked her what...
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    Does this count as a credit?

    Yeah I'm a credit whore. I went on 3 new rides at a german fun fair in london called 'winter wonderland' (or 'vinter vunndervand if you're german :--D ) on new year's eve. Fantastic fireworks if anyone watched them on TV. Did anyone go see them? Anyway, there was an inverted coaster, of a...
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    Coaster Questions

    Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted on the forums in ages, been a bit busy with school. This is a sort of self referential topic, basically, I'm going to a lecture at the town hall today on engineering roller coasters, and I've never had an opportunity like this, so I want to think up a load of...
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    'Prone Kart'

    I like riding down hills on my bike, for pretty much the same reason as I like coasters, except that there is a bit of extra excitement generated from you being in control that makes up for the lack of vertical drops / airtime / loops etc. Trouble is, the bike is slightly unstable being on...
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    London Eye (5 quick questions)

    Can you get on the London Eye with the Merlin annual pass? Do you have to book? If you don't have to book, can you skip the queues? If you can skip the queues, can you reride it (for another entry on the annual pass)? And finally, what time does it close?
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    Alton pass hotel question

    Just a quick question, can you get into the alton hotel and/or swimming pool with annual pass, or does everyone have to pay? If so, planning trip and will stay there overnight. If not, is there any price deduction saving thing with annual pass?
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    Thorpe 11th june

    Not sure if anyone's interested, so I'll keep it brief. Went thorpe, rode saw first time, back is crap, front is awesome, Discovered that I really like depth charge, went on lots of rides, went home. Went with peep, the guy called patrick whose cf name I can't remember, airtimecadet, and...
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    Full potential

    Ok, so I actually got the idea from this topic whilst reading a new member's post about how he wishes more arrow suspended coasters had been built so that they could have reached their full potential. So, has any ride today reached it's full potential? We still seem to be experimenting with...
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    BGT: Flawless vs Diversity

    This topic is for those dudes who have seen britain's got talent this year. So who, out of these two is better? Flawless is more precise, diversity have different people and wider range of moves. Put another way, Flawless are more flawless, Diversity have more diverstiy. I'm gonna go...
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    Wagon wheels

    So I got bored with trying to think up cool ways of winning the spinning comp. I decided to take a break from it (even though I haven't actually done any yet) and build this: It's called wagon wheels, it only took about 3 or 4 hours to make. It's meat to be either a cheap coaster for...
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    Mega coaster launch?

    Ok this is a bit of a weird question but, I like imagining rollercoasters that I'm gonna build when I grow rich and famous. Trouble is, I like fast launches, and I like mega coasters (eg Expedition GeForce), especially the freedon of the small car with only a lapbar and a shoulder height...
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    Rattling trains.

    This topic was caused by my friend making a rubbish joke. I was stood in a queueline saying 'Maybe we could come back later, when it is slightly quieter.' My friend replied 'But the rollercoaster will always be this noisy.' The question is, if the queue is quieter, and there are less people...
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    Holiday park Vs Europa (anyone can vote)

    Ok not everyone has been to either of these so I say everyone can vote, just after my germany holiday I was wondering about this. My view is, Europa has theming, a bit of atmosphere Ok ish rides, a hell of a lot of them and fairly unique (and tall) rides. But Holiday takes it, obviously...