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    You know you're CF-ing it too much when...

    When you log off for about 5 or 6 years, but as soon as a major theme park accident happens, you reactivate your old account to get the most accurate and upto date details, available becaue you know CF stays on top of it.
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    M&D's Tsunami derailed

    Re: M&D's Tsunami has derailed The entire train came off the rails?? How?? Did the track break under load or something??
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    USThrillRides Polercoaster opening near Atlanta & in Florida

    Re: USThrillRides Polercoaster opening near Atlanta & in Flo POLErcoaster -- The name makes me pretty confident it will be at I-Drive.
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    Loudest chain lifts?

    I could hear GASM at SFGreatAdv pretty much halfway acoss the park. But Canyon Blaster at the Adventure Dome is def my winner.
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    Top 5 launch coasters

    1. Maverick 2. Top Thrill Dragster 3. Rock 'n' Rollercoaster 4. Incredible Hulk 5. Wicked Twister
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    Loudest chain lifts?

    Canyon Blaster - Adventuredome
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    Favorite portable carnival ride

    What is your favorite portable ride (Travelling fair or carnival ride) Mine would have to be the classic starship Gravitron or the Ring of Fire
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    Most Unsafe Waterslides

    There was some water park resort up near Hancock County Maine I went to and some girl fell off the 30ft waterslide
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    Insane Flat rides

    How about the Flying Circus?
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    Fights at theme parks.

    I wrecked some kids **** at SFNE for trying to steal my Q-Bot. I also gave some kid a black eye and bloody nose for punching me when I was at SFNE as a VIP for a photoshoot (No not the VIP tour i was legit VIP with special treatment and all) and this guy like 16 years old got pissed that...
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    Millennium Flyers or Timberliners?

    Timberliners are my love <3 Timbers all the way.
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    Park Employment

    What are the best parks to work at for full time summer employment? Especially ones that have employee housing at a respectable price (ex. Cedar Point is like 30$ a week). I was recently told I will be thrown out of my house starting memorial day weekend and I don't have anywhere to live until...
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    Smoothest coaster?

    Space Mountain, that ride was scary as hell it was so smooth, but it was jerky as hell. Raptor wins for me.
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    What is so good about Boulder Dash?

    I live 20 minutes away... that ride is just airtime heaven
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    I was way worse when I started, I was borderline spam so don't worry about it haha
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    Longest Queue and Most Excessive Switchbacks

    Milf has a ridiculous queue, but Bizarro is just so **** horrible
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    No need to double post buddy, there's an edit button right there ^ (:
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    How much do you care?

    I think the Avatar area might be sick actually, but i only care when Arrows get torn down and same for Premier.
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    Slowest Moving Line you have been in

    ^ That line was very fast for me. i had a pile of ppl in front of me and only 1 train per side and they worked FAST to get people on and off. I did each side 3 times in an hour.
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    SFDK | Superman Ultimate Flight|Premier Rides launch coaster

    Re: Superman Ultimate Flight, Premier Rides launch coaster, The guys at Premier are certainly more capable of designing rides than we are, and they have most certainly realized that capacity will be horrible and have probably found some way to nerf this problem slightly. But they aren't idiots...